We live in a wonderful world full of wonderful things, yet too often we focus on what we don’t have and don’t like. Gratitude teaches us to celebrate and experience joy for everything we get to experience on a daily basis. Through gratitude, we become happier by increasing our awareness and focusing on the positive.

Here is a list of 100 things everyone should be grateful for.

Let’s begin.

1. Being alive

Seriously, think about it. You are alive. You wake up every day and you are able to experience life here on this planet, with your five senses. You also belong to the most advanced, most intelligent species that have ever been on Earth. It may seem obvious, but once you realize how extraordinary this is, you have to be grateful for it.

2. A starry sky on a summer night

Few things are as mysterious as a clear sky at night. During the summer, when it’s not too cold, you can drive to your favorite stargazing location, sit down, and witness the beauty of this miraculous thing called the universe. When you observe millions of stars, it’s impossible not to be in awe.

3. Plants and trees

They are absolutely essential — they absorb pollutants, release clean oxygen, and provide habitats and food for many different species, including us humans. They also help spread and disperse rainwater, so that the soil is evenly moist. Plus, they look amazing.

4. Money

When used the right way, money is nothing but a tool that can be used to improve your quality of life, or that of other people. If you are reading this article right now, it means that your financial situation is better than millions of other people, so be super grateful for it.


I find it amazing how sometimes a very short quote can convey powerful ideas and emotions; how ten words can be as significant as an entire paragraph. We can read hundreds of the best quotes about any particular subject for free, online, and we should be grateful for it.

6. The internet

Thanks to the web, we have the opportunity to not only watch videos of cute pets, but also interact with like-minded people, consume information at lightning fast speed, store our most important files online, and, in some cases, even make money from it (through jobs or businesses).

7. Your favorite skin care products

Compared to centuries ago, we now age much slower, and live longer. And while this is mainly because of better hygiene conditions, a healthier diet, and the eradication of many diseases — skin care products can help immensely if your goal is to look young and have a healthy skin for as long as possible.

8. Languages

We take it for granted that we are able to communicate with each other using words, yet when you become aware of how important this is, and how much easier life is thanks to human language, you can’t help feeling grateful. There are dozens of different languages in the world — thousands if we include dialects.

9. Silence

Silence is precious, especially if you are a highly sensitive person, or an introvert. Being able to spend time on your own without hearing unpleasant noise from time to time is definitely something we should all appreciate.

10. Contemporary art

Contemporary art masterpieces are often colorful, symbolic, and seemingly random or absurd: they are the kind of images you would witness in a dream. Whether you like them or not, they are absolutely unique, and nothing else in the world can be compared to them.

11. Big, fresh, clean, comfortable beds

Restful sleep doesn’t just feel good — it’s essential for us to function. When you get to spend eight to ten hours in a king size, super comfy bed, you should definitely be grateful. Few things in life are as great as waking up feeling refreshed in a huge bed.

12. Your past

You should be grateful for everything you have gone through so far, including times where you were extremely stressed out, because it has shaped your personality. You wouldn’t be the kind of person you are today had you had a different life.

13. Your future

To paraphrase a famous quote, every day is a second chance. And if you take the time to think of what makes you happy, what dreams you’d like to experience, what goals you’d like to accomplish — then your future becomes incredibly exciting.

14. Uncontaminated tropical beaches

Ultimately, Mother Nature is the best artist, and whenever you need proof of this, have a look at some tropical heavens in the Maldives, the Philippines, Indonesia, or anywhere else. Tiny tropical islands are the definition of perfection, and if you ever visit one of them, be grateful.

15. Supermarkets

Being able to drive or walk to your local grocery store and buy different types of food may seem normal to us, but our ancestors would disagree. And when you think of how convenient supermarkets are, then you realize that the cost of their food is actually pretty low.

16. The people who love you

You may have not found the love of your life yet, but chances are there are still people who love, support, and encourage you right now, and it’s something you should really appreciate. And if you feel lonely, all you have to do is reach out; there are caring people everywhere.

17. Komorebi

Komo… what? Well, it’s a Japanese word that refers to the sunlight that filters through leaves and trees (for example, in a forest), and there’s no English equivalent. Komorebi is a spectacular sight, a wonder of nature we should all be grateful for.

18. Experienced massage therapists

Massages have endless benefits for your physical and mental health: they help you sleep better, boost your immune system, decrease cortisol, improve circulation, and even reduce anxiety. So be grateful for the art of massage, as well as those who have spent years practicing it.

19. Great music

We all have a favorite song; one that instantly changes our emotions, one we have listened to for hours. Great music is rare, and when you enjoy it, be grateful for this wonderful form of art.

20. Airplanes

This is another thing that we’ve all gotten used to, and take for granted, but the truth is that being able to fly is miraculous; it’s one of the great achievements of technology. Being able to fly to the opposite side of the planet in less than twelve hours is all but “normal”.

21. Night trains

Trains are another great technological achievement, and it is believed that in the future they will become a lot faster, and will replace many if not most flights. I find night trains particularly fascinating — and convenient: you get to fall asleep and wake up in your destination.

22. Eating when you’re really hungry

If you have ever practiced fasting, or if you have ever been very hungry in general, then you have learned to truly appreciate the food we eat every day. Food is a gift, and anyone who is able to buy and eat everything they want is definitely very lucky.

23. Earplugs

Silence, as we’ve seen, is precious. However, it’s not always possible to experience it — for example, you may have noisy neighbors, or live in a huge chaotic city. This is why earplugs are so important; they are one of those items we should be thankful for.

24. Colors

As human beings, we are able to see a wide range of colors (not all animals do). Plus, there is an infinite amount of color tones and combinations we can use when we create art; and each combination conveys different emotions. I think it’s pretty amazing.

25. Air quality

Unless you live in a city that has extremely high levels of pollution year-round, then you are lucky enough to experience good air quality. Of course, you can also drive to your nearest forest or beach and enjoy an even better quality of life.

26. Raw juices

Fruit and vegetables are rich in essential vitamins and minerals, and they are usually very digestible. But if you prefer, you can choose to drink their juice with spices in it, so they are even easier to digest and absorb. Raw juices taste incredible and I encourage you to make them part of your diet.

27. Hostels and hotels

If you love traveling, or have to travel frequently because of your job, then you have to be super grateful for all those places that provide accommodation and where you are always welcomed with a smile.

28. Psychology

Though mental health issues have dramatically increased in recent times, human beings have always suffered from disorders like depression and anxiety. However, we now have a powerful tool called psychology. It’s only about 120 years old, so be grateful for it.

29. Your eyes

I mentioned we are able to experience infinite color tones and combinations, and how amazing this is. Well, this is made possible by one thing only — your eyes. Protect them and take care of them, and be grateful for them.

30. Clothes

If you had to live like an extreme minimalist for, say, a week, and you were only allowed to keep a few items, which ones would you keep? I’m pretty sure that you would keep at least some of your clothes, because they are simply necessary.

31. Flowers

Another miracle of Mother Nature: flowers. Their beauty is incredible, and their scent is gentle and suave: most perfumes are made of flower extracts. Whenever you admire the beauty of roses, lavender, orchids, or tulips, be grateful.

32. Life’s unpredictability

Wait, isn’t this a negative thing? Not necessarily. We need an equal dose of certainty and uncertainty to enjoy life. And if you’re a spiritual person, then you know that you are not supposed to know what will happen in the future (tomorrow, or ten years from now) because if you did, you wouldn’t really grow as a person.

33. Freedom

For some of you, this could be the most important item in the list. Think about it: you are free. You have the freedom to do whatever you want. You can find a new job, move, choose new hobbies, find new friends or relationships, you name it. You may not be the richest person in the world, but you are free.

34. 4am

There’s something magical about 4am — or whenever it’s really late or really early. Most people are in bed sleeping; the world is quiet; and if you are one of the few individuals who are awake at this time, you can experience a strange sense of inner peace (unless you’re too sleepy, of course). You can even watch the dawn.

35. The smell of burnt wood

Yes, flowers smell amazing, but sometimes the scent of burnt wood is even better. It’s a primordial smell, kind of like musk, or freshly cut grass. Definitely a scent we should be grateful for.

36. Your Guardian Angel

Do you believe you have a Guardian Angel? The truth is that it doesn’t really matter if they exist or not. What matters is our feelings and our state of mind when we believe there is a greater entity who protects and takes care of us, especially during tough times.

37. Other people’s mistakes

Unless you are a sociopath, you shouldn’t be happy when others make mistakes; yet it’s something you can be grateful for as it gives you the chance to learn important lessons without experiencing the outcome of these mistakes.

38. Hair dryers

Hair dryers are really useful; the longer your hair, the more useful they are. Plus, their sound and the heat they generate can make you feel instantly relaxed and sleepy. I guess that’s why there’s so many ASMR hair dryer videos on YouTube.

39. Pets and animals

Pets are friends who will never betray us, and who will always accept our traits and personality. If you don’t have pets, you can still be grateful that there are so many different species here on Earth, and that some of these species amaze us with their beauty and intelligence.

40. Your purpose on this planet

You may not have found your ultimate purpose yet, but if you take the time to think about it, and connect with your highest self, you can probably guess what it will be. If you have found your purpose already, be super grateful for it because it’s what makes life… life.

41. Pictures and videos

The best memories are those that cannot be captured by any device, and cannot be explained with any words. However, being able to take pictures and videos of important events of your life and watch them years later is something we all must be grateful for.

42. Your days off

You may be semi-retired, or have only one day off a week, or have none as you have decided to work on an important project. Whatever the case, appreciate your time off because it allows you to rest, enjoy life, and be productive when you do work.

43. Your immune system

When you learn how our immune system works, you can’t help being amazed. It’s the world’s most powerful, most precise, most efficient army, which protects us against nasty viruses and infections. Thank you, immune system!

44. Passwords

Sometimes it’s annoying having to type ten different passwords just so you can do work, or check your bank balance. But overall, passwords — short lines made of numbers, symbols, and letters which hopefully we are able to remember — help us keep our information safe without too much effort.

45. Your dreams

We all know the importance of setting goals that are exciting, but in this case I am referring to actual dreams — the ones you have when you sleep. They provide useful information about how our subconscious works, give us clues on what to do in our life, or simply amaze us because they are so creative and bizarre.

Woman sleeping

46. Like-minded people

We all have a different outlook in life, and different personality types. Like-minded people are rare, so when you find someone who shares your interests and values, be grateful, and don’t underestimate how important these people are in your life.

47. Christmas trees

There’s something special about Christmas as well as Christmas decorations. They remind us of when we were little, and give us a sense of joy. And if you hate Christmas, you can still be grateful that it’s only once a year.

48. Pre-made meals

We all love to eat; only a few of us like to cook; and very few of us have unlimited time to prepare food. Which is why pre-made meals are something we should be totally grateful for. Keep in mind, not all pre-made meals are unhealthy.

49. Restaurants

An even better alternative to cooking for hours and doing the dishes is, of course, eating out. Be grateful that there are restaurants we can go to, and that there are so many different cuisines to choose from.

50. Bach flower essences

Though flower essences can’t always replace traditional medicines, they are a great way to help you find your purpose in life and even heal some conditions. Plus, there are basically no side effects, and it’s impossible to “overdose”.

51. Luck

You may think that right now life is being unfair to you, or that you tend to be unlucky in general. But each and every one of us experiences luck and lucky days from time to time; when that happens, celebrate, and be super grateful.

52. Pens and pencils

Just like human language allows us to express our thoughts and feelings efficiently, pens make it possible to use our language. We can also use phones and computers, of course, but handwriting is more beautiful and unique (and doesn’t have a short battery life).

53. Medicines

Besides eating nutritious food and living in a hygienic environment, one of the main reasons the average lifespan is so long is medicines. Even if you prefer to stay away from them, and use alternative therapies, you should still be grateful that you have the opportunity to buy pills at your local store for a few dollars.

54. Toothbrushes

Oral health is super important, and we wouldn’t be able to clean our teeth properly without a high quality toothbrush. It may not be the most advanced technology, but still an invention we should be thankful for.

55. Mint flavored floss

Of course, brushing isn’t enough — you need to floss every day as well. Good quality dental floss will make it easier to clean the sides of your teeth, and if it smells like fresh mint (or strawberry, or coconut, or any other pleasant flavor) it’s going to make the experience more enjoyable.

56. White noise

I listen to white noise all the time; it helps me stay productive and block out noise. If you need to sleep in a noisy environment, it can be very useful as well. You can buy a white noise machine for about 20 to 30 bucks, or listen to tracks online.

57. 195 countries

Yes, there are 195 countries in the world, and I think we should be incredibly grateful for it. The fact that there’s so many different areas and countries means that if we’re not happy where we live right now, we have the option to move. And to be fair, the world would be pretty boring with just one country.

58. Social media

It’s true that many people are addicted to social media, and consume toxic content without even realizing it. But in general, social media is a powerful tool that can help you connect with like-minded people and even find work.

59. Your hands

The human body is amazing, and your hands alone are one of the most advanced tolls on Earth. To get an idea of what your hand dexterity can do, try and compare it to that of a claw machine, or a fork. That’s pretty amazing, right?

60. Your subconscious mind

Our subconscious isn’t always our greatest ally, and sometimes it generates thoughts and images that are just… weird (think of your most bizarre dreams). But when we tune in to our subconscious, we have the opportunity to make the right decisions in life and even foresee important events.

61. Electricity

Electricity is another one of those things human beings have gradually become used to. We take it for granted that we are now able to light any room, anywhere, but it’s a miracle, and we should be thankful for it.

62. Your memory

The memory span of some animals is a few days or months, while we humans can remember things for decades, and with incredible intensity, accuracy, and vividness. Take some time to appreciate this right now.

63. The funniest things

If you’ve ever laughed so hard you started to cry, you know how good it feels, especially when you are laughing with your friends. Even when we’re upset, a good joke or a funny movie can instantly improve our mood, and we should be grateful for it.

64. Your room or house

Whether you pay rent or actually own a property, you are able to live and sleep in your own room which, compared to those who live in poverty, is a luxury. You don’t need to sleep in a five star hotel to appreciate the fact that you have your own room/house.

65. Naps

If you have trouble falling asleep at night, then I recommend you avoid naps unless necessary. But if you’re one of those people who can take naps and still get restful sleep at night, take advantage of them, and be grateful. Naps are amazing.

66. Your unique personality

There isn’t such a thing as the “best” personality type. Extroverts aren’t better than introverts; those who tend to be very organized aren’t better than spontaneous people. What matters is that you understand and appreciate your own character, and take advantage of it so you can have the best career, relationships, and life in general.

67. Jobs

Even if you’re an entrepreneur who owns multiple businesses, it’s nice to know that there’s always going to be jobs that can pay for food and bills. Depending on your career path and the city you live in, it may not always be easy to find employment, but you’ll still be able to change your career or move.

68. Philosophical conversations with friends

When you’re done with jokes and chit-chat, you can engage in deep philosophical conversations with your friends. This works well especially after a good dinner and a couple drinks. Once you start talking about philosophical things, you can keep going for hours.

69. The Solar System

Eight planets rotating around the sun with perfect speed and precision, endlessly. You don’t need to be an astronomer to be able to appreciate it. It’s one of the magnificent miracles of the universe, one that makes us realize how small and insignificant we really are.

70. Mental health issues

Here’s the thing: the vast majority of people will experience mental health problems sooner or later, at some point in their lives. So if you have successfully dealt with depression, panic, or anxiety already, be grateful: you already know how to control your thoughts and feelings, and you’re probably wiser than most people as well.

71. Special text messages

Annoying ads or useless notifications make us wonder whether we truly need to have smartphones. But when you receive special messages from special people, you appreciate every single one of them. You can’t always talk on the phone, so be grateful for these messages.

72. Random acts of kindness

It feels great when you witness acts of kindness from complete strangers. I’m sure it’s happened to you already: someone giving directions when you were lost, giving you something for free, giving you a lift, buying drinks, complimenting you, etc.

73. Free gifts

Our society is based on money — buying and selling products or services with pieces of paper or the numbers on your bank account — but many things in life are 100 percent free. And yes: “the best things in life are free”. Sounds cliched, but it’s very true.

74. Fire

We’ve already seen how electricity is a miracle, and how it allows us to have light. But for a more romantic experience, you can use fire as well — candles, or the fireplace. Fire is what cavemen used to keep warm and cook food, and to this day, it gives us a sense of safety and coziness.

75. Supplements

Theoretically, if you have a perfect diet you don’t really need supplements. The thing is, for some of us it’s almost impossible to get in all the essential nutrients from food alone, so supplements (the good ones) can be very useful.

76. Ineffable emotions

These are the feelings that simply can’t be described with words. The truth is that some things in life shouldn’t be understood, or explained in any way — they are supposed to be felt in our heart. And you should be grateful for these feelings.

77. Benches

After a long walk in nature, if you find a bench or even a short wall or a large rock, you can sit down and rest. You could sit on the ground as well, but it wouldn’t be as comfortable, right? So be grateful for benches — artificial ones, or natural ones.

78. Hobbies

There are hundreds of hobbies you can choose from. Most of them are inexpensive or free, and will keep you busy for months or even years. Hobbies make it easier for you to get to know like-minded people and even take care of your mental health.

79. People you don’t know

Just like you should be grateful for the wonderful people that love and support you, you should also appreciate the fact that you are not surrounded by toxic people and energy vampires, at least not most of the time (we all have to deal with them from time to time).

80. Things you don’t own

You can choose to be a minimalist or a maximalist, but ultimately there’s things that you should not own or buy as they eat up all your time, money, and energy and give you very little in return. So be thankful for the things that don’t drain your energy.

81. Cities

Even if you prefer to live in the countryside, you should be grateful that throughout history human beings have been able to build cities full of stores, schools, hospitals, and places where you can socialize and meet people.

82. Inventors

Have a look at your room right now. All the things you see were once an idea in someone’s mind. Yet whoever invented these things had the will and the creativity to turn their ideas into physical objects, and today we get to use these objects on a daily basis. Some of them, we couldn’t live without.

83. Your intuition

Your gut feelings, or “sixth sense” will be right most of the time, and you should be grateful for that. Our intuition is a powerful tool, sometimes far more powerful than the rational mind: learn to listen to it, and you will go far in life.


84. Death

This isn’t supposed to be a morbid thing. We live in a dual reality where there couldn’t be pleasure without pain, light without darkness, good without evil, and life without death. Even if it sounds absurd, you should be grateful that sooner or later we all need to say goodbye.

85. Roads

If you own a car, you are able to drive anywhere you want whenever you want, but you couldn’t do that without roads. So appreciate the fact that years ago people took the time and worked hard to build those roads, so we could use them today.

86. People’s honesty

We all had to deal with nasty individuals at some point in our lives, but the truth is that most people are good. And people’s honesty is what makes society work. Can you imagine a world in which every single person was dishonest, or fake? Inconceivable.

87. Your age

Way too many people wish they were older when they are young, and wish they were younger once they turn a certain age. That’s understandable, but… what’s the point? Appreciate your age; you are perfect as you are right now, and you can live life to the fullest regardless of those two digits.

88. Your strength

A beautiful quote says: “work on being in love with the person in the mirror who has been through so much but is still standing”. Be grateful for your physical and mental strengths and all the challenges you have overcome.

89. The greatest artists in history

Geniuses from the past including Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo created art whose beauty and greatness is simply unmatched, especially if you consider that such masterpieces were created centuries ago.

90. Your favorite toy

Think of when you were a kid; you have probably spent hours playing with a particular toy, whether it was a doll, LEGO bricks, or miniatures. Definitely something you want to be grateful for.

91. Forests

Like most natural environments, forests give us the opportunity to reconnect with nature, and it’s been proven scientifically that spending time in such places makes us happier and healthier — because of the fresh air we inhale, the scent of plants and flowers, the sunlight, and the beautiful natural colors.

92. Giving

As human beings, we are supposed to receive and give: they are both fundamental needs. So be grateful that you are able to give your time, love, and attention to others because it makes you (and them) feel fulfilled.

93. Boxes and containers

Perhaps it’s not the most glamorous item on this list, but… think of food containers, drawers, packages, bottles, bags, and so on. They are all extremely useful, and it makes sense to appreciate them. Especially containers that are resistant and durable.

94. Hygiene

Living in a clean environment isn’t just good for our health — it makes us feel better in general. If cleanliness sounds obvious to you, think of how people used to live hundreds of years ago (or how some people live, even today, in extremely poor areas of the world).

95. People who inspire you

This could refer to a friend, a writer, or your favorite YouTube channel. I’m sure there is at least one person in this world who inspires or has inspired you to become a better person, and I encourage you to appreciate them.

96. Beauty

Imagine a world where everything is ugly: that would be a pretty miserable existence. Beauty, like art, is food for the soul; we need beauty to function. Take some time to think of beautiful things and living beings, including us humans, and be grateful for them.

97. Your IQ

Specifically, your ability to learn new things and skills, whether it’s for work, your hobbies, or life in general. Regardless of how high your IQ is, you are able to absorb information quickly and use it to improve your life overnight — something other species simply cannot do.

98. Lazy days

There’s days in which we simply don’t have and don’t want to do anything in particular — days of pure laziness. We all need to rest and do nothing from time to time; it even boosts our creativity. Be grateful for those super lazy days.

99. Good news

When you watch TV, or check the latest news on social media, chances are there’s more negative stuff than positive stuff, which can be detrimental to your mental health. Thankfully, there is always good news, so I encourage you to focus on those, and be grateful that good things happen every single day.

100. Gratitude

The last thing you should be really grateful for is… gratitude itself; and, in general, your ability to feel emotions. Life would be pointless if we all behaved like robots and had no feelings. You could even say that experiencing certain feelings is one of our main purposes here on this planet. So embrace your emotions, and do so with gratitude.

Thank you for reading this article! If you liked this list, please leave a comment below and let me know which item is your favorite (or share one thing you are really grateful for today) 👇