Fundamentally, abundance is a choice because the outer world is a reflection of your own mind. You can choose to allow and embrace abundance regardless of your circumstances.

Once you develop and cultivate an abundance mindset, no one can take it away from you. Furthermore, your ability to feel abundance will then translate into even more abundance. Why? Because what you focus on grows.

Scarcity vs abundance

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Never enoughPlenty

Our own interpretation of the world around us will almost always be right. In other words, what we think about people, things, and ourselves inevitably becomes true sooner or later.

As the famous quote says: whether you think you can, or can’t — you are right. In fact, our mindset determines not just our own abilities, but everything else as well.

Think the world is evil? The world will respond accordingly and show you its evil side. Think success and happiness are only for the chosen ones? Look around you and you’ll find undeniable proof of that.

Similarly, if you think you are here on this planet to experience scarcity, that’s pretty much what you’ll experience. Wouldn’t it make sense, then, to think abundantly?

You may have been conditioned to think that “it is what it is”, that your mind is powerless in shaping your reality. But you have the ability to reframe your thoughts and go from scarcity to abundance right now.

Just like you choose to wake up at a certain time every day, you can choose to see abundance around you. Once you understand how our brain works, it really is as simple as any other habit.

Sounds too good to be true? Keep reading…

Fear of abundance is real

Can you allow abundance? Can you give yourself permission to feel abundance, and create an even more abundant lifestyle? Surprisingly, this isn’t as easy as you may think.

Ever heard of self-sabotage? Fear of happiness? Or even fear of success? These are subconscious (yet 100 percent real) mental processes. They can be hard to get rid of, too.

I won’t go into all the reasons why one may develop fear of abundance, but I’ll leave you with this — from now on, pay attention to your own inner dialogue whenever you see or think of abundance.


  • If you imagine yourself living the best life ever, does that trigger any feelings of guilt? Can you believe that you deserve that type of life?
  • If I say that this world contains anything you could ever desire, and that you have the ability to get it, how does that make you feel?
  • Whenever you see someone else’s success, do you automatically think that it happened because of e.g. luck, or determination and self-love?
  • If I say that, right now, there is incredible abundance in your life, what is your first thought?
  • If you think of someone who has “abundance”, does that trigger feelings of e.g. envy, or anger? Does it affect you emotionally, in any way?

    The happiness analogy

    Another very important reason you may have felt scarcity in your life up to this point, or at any point, is that your idea of “abundance” may actually be far from what abundance actually is.

    To understand this, I think happiness is a good analogy. What is happiness? If you think it’s this unreachable, elusive feeling, then guess what — you have already lost the game.

    Similarly, if happiness to you means a constant euphoric high, like the one that may be portrayed by social media or TV, again you are self-sabotaging.

    Isn’t happiness just… happiness? The feeling of being whole and complete the way you are? The feeling of being calm and serene, and not even all the time because life itself doesn’t need to be perfect?

    So here’s the lesson: learn to normalize abundance. Know that you can be abundant right now. In turn, that’s going to bring even more abundance into your life because the world will respond accordingly.

    By contrast, as long as you think of abundance as the most unreachable goal, the world will respond by making it look like everything is scarce.

    They don’t want you to feel abundant

    Before we jump into the five reasons, here’s one more provocative thought: not everyone wants you to be abundant. Those who cultivate an abundance mindset have power.

    Could it be that scarcity is part of our social conditioning? Could it be that sometimes even the people who love you subconsciously don’t want you to feel abundant, otherwise you’d be better than them?

    Again, this is hypothetical. But perhaps you can think of someone in your life that would treat you differently, or react negatively, if you were to develop a more empowering mindset.

    Or perhaps you grew up in an environment or culture where any form of abundance was labeled as “unrealistic”, and that influenced the way you see things, unknowingly.

    Why abundance is a choice

    1. More is never enough

    Celebrities who commit suicide. Multimillionaires with severe depression. People who have everything and feel nothing.

    I’m not going to argue that the wrong mindset is the only reason behind these stories. But I’m pretty sure it does play a big role.

    Those who chase happiness — and abundance — outside, and not inside, can only end up feeling empty. It doesn’t occur to them that they have to change first.

    2. Competition doesn’t work

    Think of your favorite brand, or any brand you love. This could be fashion, cars, technology, jewelry — doesn’t matter.

    Chances are, that brand doesn’t really compete with anyone else. Their products are so unique and well made that there is no need to compete because people don’t compare their brand to any other.

    Why am I saying this? To make you reflect on scarcity. Fundamentally, scarcity and competition can only exist if you compare yourself to others. Learn to shine your own light instead.

    3. Choice can’t be taken away

    Left or right

    We’ve already seen how your mindset and the way you look at things, and the world in general, is primarily your choice, and hopefully by now you have begun to internalize the concept.

    Now, here’s the cool thing about that: your own (freedom of) choice isn’t something that can be taken away from you.

    Yes, your circumstances may change at any time. But once you master your own thoughts, and learn to use your mind rather than be used by it, you can’t go back.

    4. Abundance is objective

    Even the most cynical pessimist will never be able to deny that the world offers plenty of opportunities, beauty, gifts, experiences, etc. to those who see them.

    In this sense, abundance is everywhere, and its existence is objective. You simply have to learn to recognize it, to focus on it, to allow it.

    Again, we are referring to abundance in terms of not just finances, but opportunities, beauty, art, possibilities, and then by extension emotions and feelings.

    5. The world is a reflection

    The fifth reason abundance is indeed a choice is that the outer world is merely a reflection of your inner world (as mentioned earlier). Neville Goddard wrote about it extensively.

    Now, what you have to remember is that there is almost always a delay from your thoughts/mindset to your reality.

    For example, if you consciously decide to cultivate an abundant mindset right now, it may take a few days for you to notice the effects.

    How to feel abundance effortlessly

    • Gratitude journaling. Such a simple practice can be powerful in terms of reprogramming our mind. As a habit or routine, write down at least one thing you are really grateful for, daily, in your journal.
    • Challenge your thoughts. Monitor your own mind, be aware of it; refuse to be controlled by it. Every time you catch yourself thinking e.g. “I don’t deserve it”, “I am not worthy of it”, challenge your own unhelpful, inaccurate thoughts.
    • Pay attention. This is a bit like journaling, only in real life. Train yourself to notice abundance around you; the longer you do it, the more abundance you will experience in return. It’ll be a bit like wearing a new pair of glasses.
    • End the cycle of comparison. Remember? Scarcity and competition can only exist if you are stuck in a cycle of comparison. Don’t let that happen. Honor your uniqueness, find reasons why your own life is abundant and amazing.
    • Normalize abundance. This means two things: recognize that abundance is normal and available to anyone who gives themselves permission to experience it; and that it doesn’t have to be the most fabulous level of wealth, happiness, etc.