Just like you need to be clear on what you want in life, you also want to identify what you don’t want, and what you need to avoid in order to protect your mental health.

To become the best and happiest version of yourself, you must be the kind of person who’s allergic to negativity. You want to train your mind to instantly react whenever it perceives negative stuff, so your physical and mental energy won’t be drained from it.

In this brief article we’ll have a look at six reasons why you need to ignore anything that gives you bad vibes, even if it comes from friends or people you know, and develop the mindset where you don’t tolerate any kind of negativity.

6 reasons to be allergic to negativity and drama

1. Time is precious

Life is short, and free time has become somewhat of a luxury in the modern world. With this in mind, you don’t want to waste a single minute of your life with the kind of people or things that project negativity. Our time here on this planet is limited, and life itself is unpredictable, so we must avoid anything that interferes with our happiness.

Plus, the more you engage in negativity, the more it’ll become a habit. What may start as a single negative thought may eventually become a recurrent toxic thought pattern; what may start as a five minute conversation about someone could soon become a daily, endless gossiping session. Be allergic to negativity and drama, because time is precious.

2. Your subconscious registers everything

One of the surprising facts about our subconscious mind is that it doesn’t have the ability to distinguish between what’s real and what isn’t. For example, when you look at a disturbing image, your rational mind is aware it’s just a picture, and doesn’t perceive any danger, but your unconscious still sends you negative emotions as it perceives the image as real.

There is a part of our brain that registers everything, whether it’s positive or negative, and whether we realize it or not (this is why some companies use what’s known as subliminal advertising). So… do you really want to feed your mind with negativity and drama? When you realize that your subconscious absorbs everything you perceive, you’ll avoid negative things like the plague.

3. Energy vampires love drama

There is a category of people you want to avoid at all costs: energy vampires. Essentially, these are individuals who feed off other people’s energy, often without realizing it. There’s different types of vampires (see the full explanation here), however their end goal is more or less the same.

One of the great things about being allergic to drama is that it’s easier to recognize, and avoid, energy vampires. They absolutely love drama because it allows them to change your emotions, and make you more vulnerable. But if you’re one of those people who are allergic to negativity, and don’t allow negativity to interfere with their thoughts — they’ll have no power over you, and will leave you alone.

4. Negativity is contagious

Just like viruses, negativity can be very contagious. So whenever you interact with someone who’s negative (at work, when socializing, or in your free time in general) it’s vital that you don’t get involved. The more you encourage them, and the more you play along, the more you’ll spread the negativity virus.

As mentioned in my article about energy vampires, you rarely want to interact with negative people, even if you are assertive, and even when it’s clear that your views are different: negative people can  be very insidious, and find a way to drain your energy anyway. So the best thing to do is to simply ignore them — don’t talk to them, don’t smile, and be emotionally detached.

5. Negativity distracts you from your purpose

What are your goals? Why do you wake up every day? What exciting things do you have on your bucket list? If you can’t find an answer to these questions, I encourage you to take the time to think about your purpose in life — who you are and what makes you happy — because if you don’t know what you want with great clarity, others will decide it for you.

The fifth reason you want to be allergic to negativity and drama is that these things distract you from your true purpose. Negative people can be very convincing; they can make you believe that their life and what they talk about is important to you, even though clearly it’s not. To be 100 percent focused on your own goals and dreams, you must become allergic to negativity.

6. You become the people you spend time with

Here’s another interesting fact about our subconscious: it tends to emulate those we spend time with. Scientists have discovered one of the possible causes of this, and it’s called mirror neurons. Essentially, these are the neurons that make you smile when you see a friend smile, or sit in a certain position when a colleague does the same.

So guess what? The more time you spend with toxic individuals or groups, the more you’ll emulate them — subconsciously. The truth is that you become the people you spend your time with, so you want to be allergic to those with negative vibes, and cultivate meaningful friendship and relationships with those who, conversely, inspire you to become happier and more successful every day.

Are you allergic to negativity and drama as well? What is one negative thing you absolutely cannot tolerate? Let me know with a comment! 👇