Money doesn’t buy happiness or love… does it?

It is — quite literally — the million dollar question.

Can money really buy happiness? Love? Fulfillment in life? Can money buy a higher level of physical, mental, and even spiritual health?

If we interpret the question literally, then the answer can only be no. Money itself is artificial, a number; and things like love don’t have a price tag.

What some fail to understand, or accept, though, is that money can actually give you access to many things… indirectly.

It’s no big news. But it’s worth remembering it. And that’s what this post is about.

But before we dive in, a quick note/introduction…

Money can’t buy anything unless…

I don’t care what your net worth is — money won’t give you anything unless that thing is already in you, unless you already have the thing you intend to buy.

Fundamentally, the only thing we ever want/need/look for in life is feelings. Think about it.

Experiences — from vacations, to spa treatments, yoga classes etc. — give you feelings. Material items — clothes, phones, jewelry etc. — also give you feelings. Nothing more, nothing less.

However, those feelings ultimately depend on your own ability to… feel, to be aware, to appreciate, to see with your mind and your heart.

Imagine the most beautiful abstract painting. A person who doesn’t understand and/or appreciate any form of art in general may buy the painting, but not what the painting communicates.

Now, art is a bit of an obvious example. But the same applies to anything else. Think of fulfillment, self-worth, confidence.

Unless you already cultivate a positive state of mind, no amount will ever buy you more of it. Money could buy you a better outfit, a brighter smile etc. but the actual feeling depends on your mindset alone.

Which is actually good news — learn to improve your self-worth and confidence no matter what, and you’ll have them for life; tie them to money and they’ll be destined to crumble sooner or later.

Why money can buy love

1. Money can buy time

First and foremost, you need time to do anything. Hours, days, weeks — those are the blocks of life, and they go by fast.

The first reason money can be a powerful ally when it comes to love and relationships is that it can put you in a position where you don’t need to work as many hours.

Which, in turn, gets you more free time. Which, in turn, can be used to improve your social life — meet people, attend events, and have the freedom to say yes in general.

2. Money can buy opportunity

Let’s say you’re not happy where you live right now and your opportunities to meet the right one — or even just potential dates — are very limited.

If money is tight and/or is dependent on where you live physically, then you’ll often find yourself tied to the place you currently live in.

If money isn’t an issue, then moving probably won’t be an issue either. But it’s not just the ability to relocate physically — money just makes it easier to try new things, meet new people, live more spontaneously.

3. Money can buy peace of mind

Relaxation is the foundation of everything in love. It’s what allows it. That’s because although relationships are high on our priority list as humans, survival is way more important.

Now, the modern world has made things a lot easier, and you’ll probably never worry about not being able to eat, or being chased by a wild beast for that matter. But still.

Lack of money means stress. Stress makes it difficult to relax and find the time to cultivate your love life or even your social life in general.

4. Money can buy the best you

Finally, money tends to magnify who you are. We’ve seen this earlier — money gives you more of what you already have, and it can be subtle or life-changing.

So if you’re the type that’s into personal growth, positive thinking, success in all areas of your life etc. then more money will probably equal the best version of you.

Which will also be the most attractive, the most fascinating and charismatic, the most beautiful. The one that vibes higher, that attracts other beautiful souls.

Why money can’t buy love

Casual/superficial relationships don’t always translate to actual love.

True love — intimacy in all its forms — is connection. Real, deep, genuine, spontaneous connection.

That’s what money cannot buy, directly or even indirectly.

That spark between two souls that are meant to be with each other — that’s irreplaceable; it has no price tag, it can’t be bought, it can’t be faked.

And it probably can’t be planned or anticipated, either. Actual love is magical and mysterious; you can’t chase it, you can’t buy it.

And that’s why it’s so special.

Wrap up

  • Money can buy love indirectly in the sense that it may buy opportunities, peace of mind, and help you become the best, most beautiful version of yourself
  • Money can’t buy love in the sense that true connection with another human being/soul happens and can’t be bought or faked the same way talent or passion can’t be bought or faked

So there you have it. Money doesn’t technically buy love, but it does make things a lot easier. In relationships, and life in general.

Want to share your own thoughts/experience about money and love? If so, please leave a reply below!

Thank for reading and have an amazing day 😉