Green, gold, and red are the best three colors to attract money, wealth, and abundance.

Green represents luck and growth, and helps you give and receive money. Gold symbolizes power and luxury, and helps you improve your sense of self-worth. Red is the here and now, and helps you take action toward your financial goals.

To learn more about the power of colors and how you can use them to change your energy, keep reading…

Why certain colors attract certain things

Colors are frequencies.

Each color represents and resonates with a certain type of frequency and energy, and we can use that energy to attract the things we want or need in our life.

In our dimension, everything is interconnected; different types of energy are linked to different symbols, shapes, images, animals, and — you guessed it — colors.

Our dreams are a good example of this. One of the basics of dream interpretation is that many of the images and entities appearing in our dreams are symbolic.

In other words, these images represent something or someone else. If you see an animal in a dream, it could represent one of your friends. If you dream that you are flying, it could represent freedom.

Similarly, each color isn’t just a color, but also and most importantly a powerful energy that represents — and attracts — certain emotions and states of being.

Being able to attract abundance through colors may seem odd at first, but remember, colors are nothing but frequencies.

When you deliberately surround yourself with certain colors, you are also changing your energy.

In turn, that helps you change your emotions and attract the right people and things in your life.

Keep in mind, this isn’t magic. Don’t expect your life to change overnight simply because you’ve worn a green bracelet.

Do expect, however, to notice a change in the way you see and feel things once you start to implement these colors in your life. These changes may be subtle, but they’re there.

Three colors that attract money and abundance

These are, in my opinion, the absolute best colors to add in your life if you want more money and abundance.

We’ll see how you can use the colors in a minute, but now let’s dive into the meaning of the colors and see what they represent.

1. Green

  • Corresponding chakra: Heart
  • Represents: prosperity, money, growth, good luck

The color green symbolizes giving and receiving. It has healing properties, and a calming effect.

Green attracts abundance and success. It’s also the color of money (banknotes and visual representations of money, such as the dollar sign).

When you are surrounded by the color green, it’s easier to open your heart chakra and give and receive energy and love.

In terms of financial abundance, this translates to being more open to giving money (investing, donating, spending) and receiving money (earning, winning).

If you imagine money as a flow of energy, then the color green helps you activate that flow.

2. Gold

  • Corresponding chakra: Solar plexus
  • Represents: power, achievement, divinity, the sun

In ancient Egypt, the color gold was associated with the gods and anything that is eternal and indestructible. Statues of gods were often covered in gold.

Even today, we associate gold with abundance and things that are exclusive, expensive, or desirable in general (“golden”).

The third chakra, which represents power and clarity, is also yellow/gold. When your third chakra is activated, you have a healthy self esteem, and you are confident and optimistic.

3. Red

  • Corresponding chakra: Root
  • Represents: the here and now, action, energy, passion

Red is the color of the here and now. Whereas, say, the color blue induces relaxation and sleep, red forces you to be alert and awake.

Do you tend to overthink? Are you too indecisive, and does that prevent you from making more money?

The color red helps you take action and focus on what’s important right now. It helps you attract the things that you need right now.

Red is probably the most powerful color. It’s a powerful motivator, and it inspires you to set new goals and pursue them with all your energy.

How to add these colors in your life

  • Clothes. One of the best ways to benefit from the energy of these three colors is to wear them. Wear green, red, or gold clothes or jewelry. It doesn’t need to be the whole outfit, it could be just a bracelet or a necklace.
  • Screens. You’re staring at one right now. Since you’re using digital screens all the time, why don’t you change the wallpaper of your phone or laptop to one of the three colors?
  • Visualization. If you practice meditation, you can spend a few seconds to focus on, and visualize, the color green, gold, and red. Really focus on their energy, and absorb it, as if it was a ray of light.
  • Decorations. Be creative and add touches of color to your home. Add decorations, paintings, flowers, and art. Even if it’s tiny details, you will still benefit from the energy of the colors.
  • Food. Not sure how you would eat golden food (unless you eat gold leaf), but there’s plenty of fruits and vegetables that are green or red. Consume more of them — they’re super healthy anyway.

One secret to attract more money

Money itself doesn’t have any value, and doesn’t represent anything in particular. This is because it’s artificial.

This is why one of the secrets to attract more money is to simply forget about money and instead focus all your energy on what you’d like to use your money for.

Would you like to attract money to buy a new home? Travel around the world? Have more freedom? Start your own business? Change your lifestyle? Improve your health?

Focus on these things. Focus on what you want.

The irony is that so many people say they want more money, but if you asked them what they would do with it, they would be clueless.

Don’t make the same mistake — be crystal clear on what you desire, your goals, your dreams.

And you’ll find that the more clarity you have, the easier it will be to attract money and abundance. And chances are, you probably don’t even need that much to live your dream life.