Yes, ghosters get karma because the act of ghosting implies changes in the ghoster’s reality.

When you ghost someone, your own state of mind changes positively or negatively depending on why you ghosted, and in turn that affects your life both now and in the future.

If you’re reading this page because you have been ghosted heartlessly and you want the ghoster to “get karma”, then rest assured that they will.

However, this may not happen in the traditional sense — they may not be ghosted back; they may not be punished by fate. And ultimately it doesn’t matter.

The idea of karma is much more complicated and at the same time much easier than most people think it is.

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What does “karma” actually mean?

We all have a basic understanding of the meaning of the word — what goes around comes around, and your actions will have consequences.

Some Indian religions teach that karma will affect rebirth and future lives, but the concept of karma doesn’t have to be that abstract.

Though your actions and decisions will inevitably shape your future (at least in your current life), they also have an impact on the present moment as well.

What you do right now creates a certain situation and/or state of mind in this very moment, not because of invisible forces but rather cause and effect.

Essentially, you choose the kind of world you want to live in. You choose what to create and welcome in your life, as well as what to ignore and let go of.

You certainly don’t have the power to control everything in your reality, but what you choose to cultivate — your thoughts, feelings, and action — will determine the type of reality you experience each day.

The obvious example is positive versus negative thinking. Someone who consciously practices positive thinking will tend to feel better right now, not just in the future.

If you are working toward the right goal, one that comes from your heart, then you won’t “achieve” happiness once you reach the goal; you will be happy now.

Karma is the principle through which everything you do shapes your state of mind, which is reflected both instantly and in the future. In this sense, everyone gets karma.

Ideally, each of us should be acutely aware of what we choose to think and do, and how our choices will affect and change our own world.

The act of ghosting

Ghosting can be harsh and unnecessary, or the only option available (e.g. in an abusive relationship). There may be plenty of warning signs, or none.

It can be done out of selfishness, inability to communicate, being too guarded, lack of awareness, or just a healthy self-esteem depending on whatever happened prior to ghosting.

Irrespective of how and why people ghost, karma will get involved and shape the reality of the ghoster.

For example, the cold, heartless narcissist who ghosts after a love bombing phase creates their own hell in which genuine relationships are replaced by lies and manipulation.

By contrast, if it’s the narcissist’s victim who ghosts, then their action may free them from their past and lead them to develop a new identity, so they no longer attract the wrong people.

Notice how in both cases the action (karma) affects the present rather than the future.

Whatever will happen in future will be the result of a different reality and state of mind, and those are shaped during the action rather than after it.

Do ghosters get karma?

Yes, ghosters get karma just like everybody else. You can only ghost if you are the type of person that ghosts, and who you are determines what happens to you.

Whether the act of ghosting affects future lives as well, I have no idea. What matters is the here and now and how your actions influence and shape your reality.

So, what may happen to someone who has ghosted another person? What could be the consequences of their karma?

The obvious one would be being ghosted by someone else. However, they may also…

  • Feel guilt/remorse depending on who they ghosted and how
  • Want to reconnect with them and realize it can’t be done
  • Have to build emotional walls in case they get ghosted
  • Experience loneliness and/or sadness
  • Have a distorted view of love and relationships

The list is endless. This is just to show how karma (a decision and its consequences) affects both the present moment and the future in many different ways.

Now, let’s suppose the ghoster decided to ghost to punish someone else, or to get revenge on them because they hold a grudge.

This may seem like a case where the ghoster inflicts pain and yet feels better, and nothing happens to them. Where is the law of karma in such a situation?

The truth is that even in this case karma gets involved. Though superficially nothing happens to the ghoster, the person they are punishing still exists in their head.

They still consume their thoughts; they still influence their actions. If the ghoster chose to simply let go of them, to simply ignore them, they would be much happier.

Notice how everything boils down to our own choice. The consequences of karma are not always obvious, but they exist nonetheless and that’s one more reason to live consciously.