Spiritually, finding hair in the food you eat could be a sign that you need to change your behavior or perspective in life.

Finding hair in your food could mean that…

  • You are consuming the wrong type of content online or offline
  • There is too much physical or mental clutter in your life
  • You are still stuck in the past or find it difficult to move on
  • There are too many mindless distractions in your life
  • You need to protect your energy against unwanted influences

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Symbolism of hair in spirituality

Each part of the human body symbolizes a certain type of energy both in psychology and spirituality.

Traditionally, Buddhist monks shave their hair as an act of renunciation — avoidance of worldly pleasures and mindless distractions. Hair in this case symbolizes vanity.

However, hair can also hold energy from the past that may be toxic to your spiritual growth, which is why cutting your hair could lead to spiritual benefits.

Finding hair in your food usually communicates negative feelings, so it’s probably not the best spiritual sign.

However, spiritual signs and meanings are never supposed to discourage you; quite the opposite — they are precious messages from the higher self or even spirit guides.

Perhaps finding hair in your food is the only way for you to come to a certain realization regarding your current personality or lifestyle, so be thankful.

Finding hair in your food: spiritual meanings

1. Consuming the wrong content

Today more than ever, it’s absolutely vital that we learn to consume content consciously, especially if we are into spiritual growth.

Gossip, social media, the news, whatever we may see on TV or on the internet — these affect our mental and spiritual wellbeing more than we imagine.

The first potential meaning of finding hair in your food is that you may be consuming content mindlessly, or consuming the type of content that’s toxic to your mental health.

Metaphorically, food is anything you absorb and receive. Good food nourishes body, mind, and spirit. Bad food leads to sickness, disease.

2. Clutter (physical and mental)

You find hair in your food and feel it’s unpleasant, but what about your environment, your home? Is it also full of “hair” — clutter?

And what about your mind — is your mind full of negative, unhelpful, inaccurate thoughts that take up precious space?

There is always a spiritual connection between physical clutter and mental wellbeing, which is why mental clarity is often reflected in a simple, tidy living space.

The spiritual meaning of finding hair in your food could be that there is something you need to desperately get rid of — in your mind, in your environment, or both.

3. Being stuck in the past

As mentioned earlier in the post, parts of the human body can absorb and accumulate energy (just like a room can absorb and accumulate the energy of whoever lives in it).

Hair in particular may have retained energy from the past, and may symbolize stagnant energy or being stuck in the past or not being able to move on.

Which leads us to the third potential spiritual message behind finding hair in your food — being too focused on the past, keep looking at the past instead of the future ahead of you.

You won’t find motivation and happiness by dwelling on the past — be the new you and “feed” the mind with the future you are working toward.

4. Mindfulness (or lack thereof)

Is your life filled with too many distractions? Do you find it difficult to have mental clarity, focus, and/or willpower?

If you find hair in your food, it may be because you were simply distracted, but it could be a sign that you lack focus in life in general.

On the other hand, the fact that you noticed hair in your food could mean the exact opposite, too — maybe you are starting to notice things around you.

After all, you wouldn’t be reading this article if you chose to interpret events in your life literally — no, you are looking for the spiritual meaning behind them.

5. Absorbing negative energy

Lastly, finding hair in your food could be a sign that your wellbeing is being poisoned by toxic or negative energy around you.

You could cook the most amazing dish, yet if it’s exposed to hair or dirt, that’s going to spoil the whole experience. The same is true for your whole life.

You cannot allow any form of negative energy — malicious gossip, hatred, limiting beliefs, toxic relationships etc. — to consume you and interfere with your peace of mind.

Protect your energy. Be wary of energy vampires. You will unconsciously absorb the energy of those around you, so don’t be afraid to be more selective.

Final thoughts

The world of spirituality is as complex as it is fascinating. When looking at things from the spiritual point of view, possibilities are endless.

As you learn to observe events in your life — even seemingly trivial, insignificant events — you will discover that everything can have a special meaning; everything can be a sign.

Food is the main source of energy of us human beings, thus a powerful metaphor for desire, nourishment, and energy in general.

If you ever find hair in your food or notice bad things about the food you eat, dig deeper because there may be a spiritual meaning behind it.

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