Goal oriented women tend to be very clear on what they want in life and aren’t afraid to prioritize their goals and sacrifice old habits and distractions. A woman who is serious about her goals will also tend to surround herself with like-minded individuals.

Ambitious people in general are rare, and ambitious women seem to be even more uncommon, mainly because of societal expectations.

Goal oriented women are more likely to achieve their dreams as well as have more freedom and control over their own life.

On the other hand, it might be harder for them to cultivate meaningful friendships and relationships, and have an overall balanced life.

A goal oriented woman…

Planning the day

1. Knows how to prioritize

Life is short. Time is precious. All women who are goal oriented must prioritize their life if they want to succeed.

And more often than not, priorities are the result of what you are willing to sacrifice, to get rid of, including old habits.

There is no need to sacrifice everything to get what you want, but don’t be surprised if a goal oriented woman goes all-in on her dreams.

2. Is willing to make mistakes

I don’t like to make mistakes. Nobody likes to make mistakes. Being able to overcome that fear and discomfort goes a long way.

The second trait of a goal oriented woman is her willingness to try new things, take action, take risks, and potentially mess up.

Because even the worst case scenario can be seen as a lesson and a stepping stone to success.

3. Wants to be in control

Life is unpredictable enough. Goal oriented women tend to be very organized and like things to be clear and precise.

Because most goals can be achieved by simply taking action and then repeating the process over and over, the key is discipline and routine.

Once she has identified the right path, a woman who is serious about her goals will want to shape and control things in her life.

4. Surrounds herself with ambitious people

I’ve already said that goal oriented women don’t like to waste time, and prioritize, and this includes their social life and relationships.

You will find that goal oriented women are quite selective in terms of who they spend their time with.

Not only because they are often maniacal about time, but also and most importantly because they want to be motivated by like-minded people.

5. Is clear on what she wants

The sad truth: a big percentage of people know very well what they don’t want, and have no idea what they do want in life.

That’s not the case for women who are goal oriented — they are clear on what they want, and are not afraid to go get it.

Not only that, they know the importance of achieving their goals, and at that point sacrifice becomes a lot more tolerable.

How rare are goal oriented women?

Goal oriented people in general are rare. Perhaps this is why we still imagine success as an exception and mediocrity as the rule.

Most people don’t really have big goals and dreams, and prefer to just go with the flow — and there is nothing wrong with that.

Because of societal expectations and, some would say, biological differences as well, being goal oriented seems to be even more of a rarity for women.

Traditionally, the idea of success, goal setting, and competitiveness has often been embodied by men rather than women.

Although things are changing, ambitious women are still the exception and as such have to be courageous and determined enough to ignore the expectations of others.

Is dating harder for goal oriented women?

Not necessarily. However, consider these four points — women who are clearly goal oriented tend to…

  • Be picky with who they spend time with
  • Want a man who is as driven as her, if not more
  • Not have enough time for a healthy social life
  • Often give off what’s called “masculine energy”

This is the type of energy that men are obviously not attracted to. Some men even find it intimidating.

Goal oriented women may struggle to find a partner unless they embrace their femininity and make time to cultivate genuine relationships.

Can you be TOO goal oriented?

Phrases like “you’re too ambitious” do sound a bit like an excuse made up by lazy people to justify their total lack of direction.

Yet it is possible to be too goal oriented in the sense that one’s obsession with a particular goal may actually work against them. How?

Firstly, by missing out. Obviously. Sometimes a goal is important and it is worth going all-in on it, and sometimes it’s not and you have to maintain a healthy balance.

Secondly, you can be too goal oriented in the sense that you can miss the bigger picture and focus exclusively on the end result rather than on the process that’s going to get you there.

And thirdly, you may turn into a bit of a control freak, or perfectionist, who doesn’t allow life to guide them when necessary, and who finds it difficult to trust life.