Hearing your name called in a dream can have different spiritual meanings. For example, hearing your name in a dream could mean that your spirit guides are trying to connect with you, or that you are about to experience some type of spiritual awakening.

Psychology and spirituality offer many different explanations as to why you can hear your name in a dream.

In today’s post we’ll have a look at the three main ones. Of course, feel free to share your own thoughts by leaving a comment at the end!

Let’s begin…

Hearing your name called in a dream is common

First of all, don’t assume that it’s “just you” because it turns out, many people actually experience this. I hope this is reassuring.

Mysterious “spiritual” experiences such as hearing your name in a dream, or even hearing your name when no one’s around are relatively common.

Only, we don’t normally talk about them, out of fear of embarrassment — we don’t want people to think we’re crazy or delusional.

It never happened to me, but I do remember the story of a close friend who experienced something similar — hearing his name called even though no one was there.

One of the really good things about the online world is it allows people to share such experiences anonymously, and yes, there are a few. Here are a few comments I noticed:

I was lying in bed and I closed my eyes. A few seconds later, loudly, someone called my name, but I could tell it was in my head. I instantly opened my eyes and my heart was beating fast. It’s almost as if it was whispered into my ear too.

Anniston Puckett

I was in the middle of a dream when suddenly someone just called out my name softly (…). Then I woke up. It was a female voice, not sure if I know her but felt really reassuring. The dream just suddenly stopped/paused when I heard the voice, like she was trying to get my attention.

Jude Burgos

I’ve had my name said both in a firm, strong male voice and a soft, calm quiet voice. Many times over the years. I would have slept in for some reason causing me to be late had I not been awoken by this voice. I’m grateful. Now I will listen for more…

NW Native

This happens to me a lot but only when I’m sound asleep and it wakes me up. Sometimes it’s my mother’s voice, who is still alive, and sometimes my father’s voice, who has passed.

Tracey M

Your name and dreams: symbolism

Dream-like image of woman walking on a bridge

Okay, let’s start with the basics. This will help you interpret the meaning of hearing your name in dreams, spiritually or even just psychologically.

Your subconscious mind shows you things and communicates things based on symbols, metaphors, and analogies.

Naturally, dreams are the perfect example of this. The world of dreams — a spiritual, immaterial world — can literally show you very strange and mysterious things.

And the only reason they are strange or mysterious is, their meaning is not literal but rather the result of some type of analogy or symbolism.

One of the basics of dream interpretation is that what you see should almost never be seen “as it is”, but rather be interpreted.

Some common examples of unconscious metaphors in dreams (image shown and hidden meaning):

  • Instincts and desires appearing as wild beasts
  • Yourself, particularly as a child, appearing as a pet
  • Someone you know appearing as their clothes
  • Fear of losing control appearing as losing balance
  • Your current home appearing as your previous home

Meaning of your name in a dream

Many things appearing in dreams are basically substitutions, equivalents, or analogies. It’s as if the subconscious couldn’t literally show you things but rather something that corresponds to it.

Why this happens isn’t always clear, but think of some deeply scary or disturbing truth and the subconscious mind’s process makes perfect sense.

For example, your subconscious may have fantasies that you’d normally find wrong or obscene, so rather than seeing them as they are, you only see their metaphor.

Alright, so what would your name symbolize, or correspond to, in a dream? Exactly — you. Your identity, who you are. Not superficially, but deeply.

Because we hear our name (and associate it with our identity) over and over again since we are born, it makes sense that the subconscious sees it as who we are.

Each of us wears a mask in some way. Each of us has learned to adapt to society and its rules, and “sacrifice”, or hide, traits that others may not find acceptable.

If you hear your name in a dream it could mean that it’s not just your name being called, but also and most importantly the real you.

Who is calling your name?

To better understand the meaning of such an experience, try and identify who is calling your name.

  • Is it the voice of someone you know personally?
  • Is it the charismatic voice of someone you admire?
  • Does it communicate warmth or coldness?
  • Does it comfort/reassure you, or intimidate you?

The beauty of dreams is that there are infinite ways to show a certain message — just like the artist may use infinite combinations of colors or images to represent an object.

To get closer to a more accurate interpretation of your dreams, pay attention to the details.

Specifically when it comes to hearing your name being called, see if you can identify who calls your name, or at least the tone of their voice.

Spiritual meanings of hearing your name called in a dream

1. “Remember who you really are”

The first spiritual meaning of hearing your name called in a dream could be that someone — a spiritual entity, or simply the higher self — wants you to go back to who you really are.

Remember? We see our name as the core, the innermost layer of our identity. Our name could symbolize who we used to be as a child, or who we would be if we could let go of our “masks”.

Perhaps you have reached a point in your life where you no longer want to live someone else’s life, chase someone else’s dreams… put simply, be someone else? Your dreams may be telling you that.

2. Waking up (spiritual awakening)

The act of waking up from a dream, or deep sleep for that matter, can easily be compared to one’s spiritual awakening — seeing the world as it is, free from demons and delusions.

Typically, when we hear our name (in the real world) it is because someone wants our attention, our focus. We associate hearing our name with being more focused, with “waking up”.

This could be the second spiritual meaning of hearing your name in a dream — perhaps you are close to your own spiritual awakening, or perhaps you are already experiencing it.

3. Spiritual entities calling you

This would be the most “spiritual” interpretation in the sense that while psychology itself would explain the first two meanings, this one can’t really be proven scientifically.

Ever heard of spirit guides? If you hear your name being called in a dream, it’s actually likely to be some type of message or sign from higher spiritual entities.

Or perhaps your name is simply a reminder that your spirit guides do exist, and are there to help you and guide you whenever you need clarity or direction in your life.

Keep having strange dreams? Do this…

Journaling is one of the easiest, cheapest, and fastest ways to improve a certain area in your life — from health, to sleep, inner peace, motivation, clarity, etc.

In fact, I personally suggest keeping multiple journals rather than just one as it allows you to focus on each topic/area/goal with more focus.

If you keep having weird dreams (or simply keep noticing them — all dreams are strange, really), then why not start a dream journal where you note them down?

It’s easy to forget your dreams, even meaningful ones. This is why the habit of writing down your most “powerful” dreams when you wake up can help.

Combine this with learning more about the basics of dreams and their interpretations, and you’ll be surprised at how much about yourself you can actually discover by looking at your dreams.

Hearing your name in a dream: ever happened to YOU?

So… are you here purely because of curiosity, or did it actually happen to you?

Let me know and share your experience by leaving a reply below! 👇