Do you want to be, act, and look as feminine as possible? In today’s article we’re going to have a look at ten simple tips to enhance and show your womanly side. The first tip is to…

1. Be vulnerable

In general, we tend to think that vulnerability is a negative trait; and we often link it to weakness. But not only is vulnerability a fundamental part of human nature — it’s also what makes us attractive to others. Those who are too closed and guarded make it impossible for other people to connect with them.

If you want to be more feminine, don’t be afraid to be delicate, and don’t try to hide your physical or psychological weaknesses: they are part of your identity, and they even make you more desirable. Though you want to feel as confident as possible when you interact with others, do show your vulnerable side from time to time.

2. Use the right amount of makeup

Makeup that compliments your skin tone, as well as your facial features, can definitely make you look more feminine. But if you overdo it, it’s going to have the opposite effect; plus, too much makeup makes it really hard for your skin to breathe, and may even cause acne outbreaks.

The trick is to experiment until you find the right amount. And keep in mind, what works for others does not necessarily work for you. Don’t be afraid to try out new colors and styles, and choose the ones that you like the most and you’re comfortable wearing.

3. Speak gently

The way we communicate tells a lot about our attitude and personality, and is key when it comes to first impressions. So if you want to be more feminine and attractive, use your voice to express your femininity: speak gently and quietly, and be tactful; don’t raise your voice unless you have to.

When it comes to femininity, we usually think of the way we look, and often forget about the tone of our voice and the words we use, as well as how we listen to others. But these are way more important than you think, so pay attention to them.

4. Try a more feminine hairstyle

As we’ve seen, the right makeup can do wonders, and the same is true for your hairstyle. If your goal is to look as feminine as possible, then you should probably avoid short haircuts (some women do look feminine with short hair, but it seems to be the exception rather than the rule), as well a straight hairline.

In general, men tend to have a square shaped forehead, while women usually have a rounded one; and the more curved your forehead looks, the more feminine you will look. If you can’t style your hair so it covers the sides of your forehead, you can always use makeup to create a similar effect.

Square vs rounded

5. Be calm

While masculinity is often linked to aggressiveness and dominance (at least in our mind), we perceive calmness as a feminine trait. And while it could be nothing more than a stereotype, having a calm attitude often makes you more attractive and gives you an extra dose of “inner beauty”.

The way men and women behave is definitely influenced by society, and one may argue that, biologically speaking, one’s gender doesn’t really determine or influence their character. However when we are calm and relaxed — physically and mentally — we also look more beautiful; anger and tension, on the other hand, have the opposite effect.

6. Improve your posture

The first thing you should work on is your posture in general. Take the time to develop proper posture; keep your back straight and your head up; make sure your shoulders are relaxed, and tense your stomach muscles slightly.

Then, you want to move your body and your arms so they appear more graceful and feminine. Think of gentle, smooth movements and gestures; imagine you are weightless, like a cloud. Be spontaneous (too much of this would look unnatural), but don’t be afraid to express your femininity.

7. Be yourself

You don’t need to have a specific personality or attitude to be feminine. If you are naturally outgoing and talkative, then you can express your femininity by showing openness and warmth; if you are more of an introvert, you can do the same with a private, mysterious attitude.

It’s great that you want to highlight your womanly side, but remember: you should always be yourself. Work on the way you look and behave, but don’t force anything; if you’re not comfortable doing something, regardless of how feminine you think it would be, then don’t do it. Be yourself and let your feminine energy bloom spontaneously.

8. Wear feminine clothes

Sure, women can wear trousers and men’s clothes too, but that’s not the best way to express their femininity. Compared to decades ago, our society is now a lot more flexible and open in terms of how women should dress, and it can only be a positive thing — it means we have more freedom. However, “unisex” outfits will rarely compliment your feminine traits.

So stay away from those, and opt for clothes that are clearly designed to enhance your femininity and elegance. Avoid trousers and shirts, and go for skirts and blouses instead. Do not wear high heels if you’re not comfortable with them, but do choose feminine shoes. And experiment with different accessories and colors (some colors are more feminine than others, but ultimately they should look good on your skin type).

Wear feminine clothes

9. Don’t act like a man

The ninth tip to be more feminine is to simply avoid doing anything too manly. We’ve already seen how wearing masculine clothes is a no-no, but pay attention to the way you behave as well. The truth is that women who act like men are rarely attractive, and never feminine.

And to be fair, this doesn’t happen unless you are actively trying to act like a man. For example, some women subconsciously develop manly personality traits or behavior at work, because they feel that they need to turn into a man to be successful in their career; then, these traits show up in their personal life as well.

10. Be available

This doesn’t mean being sexually available; what I am referring to here is the way you interact with others. Being too cold or emotionally detached can make it difficult for you to express your femininity, so if you want to be more feminine, try to be more open as well.

What makes women women is, even from a biological point of view, their caring and nurturing nature. So don’t be afraid to be empathetic, and become a good listener — while, of course, protecting your mental energy and avoiding anyone who drains it.

To recap:

  • Don’t be afraid to show your vulnerabilities or weaknesses: they are part of your identity
  • Use makeup that compliments your skin tone and your facial features, but don’t overdo it
  • Speak gently and quietly; use a soothing tone of voice, and try not to be too loud
  • When it comes to hairstyles, avoid short ones, and try to make your forehead look rounded
  • Be as calm as possible; not only is it feminine, it also makes you naturally more attractive
  • Ensure your posture is optimal; when you walk and move your body, don’t be too rigid
  • Be yourself because you can be feminine regardless of your personality type; don’t try to be someone else
  • Wear clothes, shoes, and accessories that enhance your femininity; avoid unisex outfits
  • Avoid doing anything too manly and don’t act like a man, even at work
  • Protect your mental energy, but embrace your nurturing nature; be tactful and empathetic