To raise your vibration when depressed, ignore your negative thoughts and do anything you can to focus on the opposite — positive, inspiring, optimistic thoughts. Also, learn to detach from your own mind, and work toward something bigger than you.

Before we dive in, I want to point out: if you know or suspect you suffer from depression — mild, moderate, or severe — then it is absolutely vital that you get help.

It’s not embarrassing. It doesn’t make you a weak person. If anything, it shows that you have the strength (and the intelligence) to use the resources available to you e.g. therapy.

I once used to suffer from severe depression and initially refused to get help or even talk about it, and let me tell you, it was a really stupid mistake.

But you’re lucky — you don’t have to go through what I went through, and you can learn by my own mistake. Don’t try to deal with depression on your own.

Alright, that being said… Here is a brief explanation of “vibrations”, depression, and what you can do to improve your mental health ASAP.

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What does it mean to raise your vibration?

When people talk about raising one’s vibration, they usually refer to spirituality — one’s spiritual vibration, or energy.

When you raise your vibration, you raise your energy, your state of being. In turn, this affects your feelings, emotions, and outlook in life — your dimension.

Now, science does actually state that everything in our universe vibrates and resonates. Everything, including people and objects.

Our body vibrates at a certain frequency. Our thoughts vibrate at various frequencies. So do colors and sounds. And so on.

But in order to understand the concept of raising one’s vibration, don’t look at the material world — think of spirituality instead.

Or, think of vibrations as a metaphor for… who you are. Your mood, your attitude. The way you talk. The way you walk. What you like and dislike. What you attract and reject.

Alternative therapies

There are various types of alternative therapies that can raise your vibration. One of them is the use of flower essences.

The idea is that by taking one of the essences, the frequency (or vibrational state) of the flower, or combination of flowers, then flows through your body, and helps you heal mentally and/or physically.

For example, if you happen to be chronically indecisive, a certain flower essence (which contains a certain vibration) may help you become more spontaneous and take life less seriously.

If you suffer from anger issues or struggle to control some of your own negative feelings, a certain flower essence may help you become naturally calmer, and stop overreacting to everything.

Sounds ridiculous, but it works (this has been my experience, and the experience of many people I know personally). And I think it’s an excellent example of what vibrational energy is.

Scientifically, there is still no clear explanation as to why or how flower essences, or reiki, or crystal therapy can heal one’s body or mind.

But the standard explanation is that the flower’s vibrational energy is transferred to yours, and that helps you raise your vibration.

Depression as “low vibration”

A thought can be positive or negative, inspiring or depressing, accurate or inaccurate… but in all cases it will still be a thought.

You can call yourself a successful person, a charismatic person, an introvert, anything you want — that doesn’t change your essence as a human being.

When you realize that “all differences in this world are of degree, and not of kind” (a profound quote on nonduality) then depression becomes nothing but a lower degree, or position, in the mood scale.

In other words, as paradoxical as it may sound, severe depression and the highest state of bliss are the same thing, only, in two completely different positions, belonging to two different poles.

This is good news because it implies that depression itself doesn’t have to be removed or eliminated, but rather elevated, or raised — as you raise your vibration.

Can you raise your vibration when depressed?

In short, yes! You can raise your vibration no matter where you are in life, and depression per se doesn’t prevent you from shifting toward a more positive state of being.

Not only that, depression — just like any other mental health issue — can actually make it easier for you to raise your vibration. This may be counterintuitive, but consider the following:

  • Being at your lowest can actually motivate you to take action toward better mental health
  • Since depression is an unnatural state of mind, all that is required is to shift toward a more “normal” state
  • Depression forces you to learn more about your own mind, and you’ll find this to be an invaluable skill later on in life
  • “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” and to develop the strength to go through depression is an achievement in itself

How to raise your vibration when depressed

1. Ask for help

Pause for a moment, and pretend the rest of the list doesn’t exist. This is the absolute most important point, especially if you suffer from moderate to severe depression.

Reading articles like this one shows you are determined to improve your mental health, and that’s great. But please, don’t try to do it alone. I’m sure you can, but you shouldn’t.

Did you know that therapy, especially modern CBT, is as effective as or even better than pills? All you have to do is ask for help. And if you don’t feel at ease with your therapist, try with a new one.

2. Focus on the opposite

Here is a lesson from one of the main texts of Hermetic philosophy, the Kybalion: don’t fight depression — just focus on the opposite state. Don’t fight your negative feelings; ignore them.

If you are possessed of Fear, do not waste time trying to “kill out” Fear, but instead cultivate the quality of Courage, and the Fear will disappear.

The Kybalion

To kill out a Negative quality, concentrate upon the Positive pole of that same quality (…) until finally you will become polarized on the Positive pole instead of the Negative.

The Kybalion

3. Dream bigger

You may ask, then: “how do I focus on happiness, joy etc. if I am depressed”? It is true that depression makes it harder to focus on positive things, but there is a trick.

By the way, this is the one thing that kept me going when I was struggling with severe depression, a decade ago or so — it really is powerful, and it works instantly, and won’t cost you anything.

The trick is to dream, to think of the future version of yourself, to detach from the present and allow your imagination to see all the wonderful things that will come into your life.

4. Don’t trust your mind

Essentially, there are two types of depression. The first type is some kind of reaction of your mind that tells you you need to change something in your life (in which case your mind is right).

The second type is some sort of “mistake” of the mind. That is, your mind gets stuck into a negative thought pattern, or an emotional black hole, and then generates even more negative thoughts as a reaction.

So the fourth tip to raise your vibration when depressed is to be consciously aware of the fact that your mind isn’t always right, which is why non-identification is a key skill. Speaking of which…

5. Don’t identify

In other words, don’t allow your negative thoughts and/or feelings to define you. Know and remind yourself that they are not you, not even a part of you.

This is one of the blessings of meditating regularly — it trains you to see your mind as a separate entity rather than who you are.

When you don’t identify with your depressed state, you then have the power to challenge your thoughts, ignore them, or let go of them. In other words, be above your own depression.

6. Have a goal

Ideally, a goal that is bigger than you and everything else in your life. At that point, your depression loses importance in the sense that there is a new priority in your life.

Psychologically, depression can be defined as a large amount of energy (psychic energy) being trapped or wasted in negativity.

Change the object of your focus through having a really big goal, plan, or vision, and psychic energy flows toward it, rather than being trapped. A big enough goal can turn depression into expression.

7. Feed your mind

Since both your conscious and subconscious mind absorb everything you see and perceive anyway, you may as well make the decision to feed your mind with positive things only.

As an analogy, you can’t stop eating forever, but you can change your diet. Similarly, you can’t be asleep, or in a meditative state forever, but you can decide to consciously nourish your mind.

This means no drama, bad news, disturbing pictures etc. Most importantly, no negative self-talk. Each time you catch yourself having a negative thought, stop! And replace it with an inspiring one.

8. Don’t think; act

We’ve already seen how depression can be interpreted as the opposite of expression. With that in mind, raise your vibration by doing, by taking action.

Ever been guilty of overthinking? I’m sure you have. I have. We all have been guilty of overthinking in a way or another. Guess what — it’s not the healthiest thing to do.

My final tip to raise your vibration when depressed is to move your body, exercise, or really just do anything. Don’t think; do. Don’t dwell on your depression; act.