Our intuition is a superpower. I have already written an article on seven reasons why your intuition is almost always right, but today I’d like to share ten potential warning signs of your intuition. Learn to recognize them and you’ll find yourself making better decisions.

1. Focusing on problems and obstacles

Let’s say you have just been hired by a company and you need to relocate. Naturally, you are going to have to plan your trip, find a new accommodation, and so on. There’s going to be obstacles, and the whole process may be expensive and time consuming as well.

Let’s say that, overall, you feel excited despite all the problems you may have to face. That’s usually your intuition telling you you’re on the right path. Conversely, if potential problems are all you are focusing on, it probably means you are not meant to do what you’re about to do; it’s probably a warning sign from your intuition.

In this example, you may receive a warning sign because the job you have been hired for would be too stressful, or too demanding, or because you would hate it for whatever reason. But this concept applies to any kind of circumstance. If you are about to do something new and you constantly focus on the obstacles, rather than embracing the process, you may want to reconsider what you are doing.

2. Indecision

It’s perfectly fine to take time when making decisions, especially important ones, or ones that will affect your life long term. However, indecisiveness can be a warning sign from your intuition. If you notice you keep thinking about something but you just can’t make up your mind, you need to listen to your intuition carefully, and trust your gut.

Also, ask yourself: is it common to keep thinking about this particular decision for so long? Although complex situations and problems require a lot of time to be solved, most decisions in your life should be pretty straightforward.

If you are spending days or even weeks thinking about a decision that most people would regard as a no-brainer, pay close attention. Why is this decision easy for others, but difficult for you? Why is it taking so long? Is your intuition trying to guide you onto a different route? Is your hesitancy a warning sign?

When the Universe compels me toward the best path to take, it never leaves me with “maybe”, “should I”, or even “perhaps”. I always know for sure when it is telling me to proceed because everything inside me rises up to reverberate: “yes!”

— Oprah Winfrey

3. Recurring nightmares

The way our mind works when we dream is quite complex, and even though psychology has identified some common patterns and rules about dreams, most of them are still unexplained. The good news is that by recording, thinking, and learning about your dreams on a regular basis, eventually you will be able to interpret their meaning.

When we dream, our rational mind falls asleep, and the unconscious takes over. This means that everything we experience in dreams tends to be symbolic; it must be interpreted and deciphered, like a puzzle. For example, if you dream about your favorite animal, that animal could represent you.

There’s no way I can go over the whole process of dream interpretation here, but when it comes to recurring nightmares, which are potentially a warning sign from your intuition, you want to interpret them and understand the reason why you keep having these bad dreams.

For example, they could be precognitive dreams, or a warning sign you have to take action before your life goes in a direction you don’t want to experience. Or, it could simply be your subconscious showing you what you’re afraid of the most, so you can gradually expose yourself to it until your fear is gone.

But whenever you have recurring nightmares, ask yourself what their meaning is, and listen to your intuition. To learn more about how dreams work, you can read Freud’s book, The Interpretation of Dreams. Though it was published over a century ago, and some of the concepts are now outdated, it’s still one of the best books on the subject, and it teaches you all the basics.

Intuition can speak to you in dreams

4. Feeling sick

In my article about energy vampires I have explained how some people can drain not just your mental energy, but also your vitality: right after you interact with them you may feel physically sick. For example, after you meet an energy vampire, you may experience headaches, or stomach pains.

Believe it or not, your intuition can act in a similar way. Body and mind are interconnected; emotional tension and imbalance often translate into illness. And even those who are skeptical cannot ignore the fact that when we are very stressed out our immune system is weaker, and we are more prone to catching viruses.

With that in mind, if you ever feel sick, suddenly and for apparently no reason, pay attention because it could be your intuition giving you a warning sign.

Perhaps your current lifestyle causes you too much stress and anxiety, and you have reached the point where you must change; perhaps you are about to meet someone you are not supposed to meet, and your intuition tells you that through negative physical sensations.

5. Feeling lethargic

Feeling tired or lethargic can be another warning sign from your intuition. We’ve just seen how emotional imbalance or being on the wrong path in life can cause sickness, however it doesn’t have to be that extreme — sometimes you’ll just feel fatigued.

When you experience tiredness because of your intuitive power, it could either be a short sudden episode, or a chronic one. If it’s a short one, it’s probably related to an event you are about to experience or have experienced recently. If, on the other hand, tiredness becomes part of your whole existence, it could mean that you need to change something in your life as you have lost your mental energy and vitality.

It’s important to note that fatigue could also be caused by an actual disease, poor digestion, or a nutrient deficiency. But if you feel tired and you can’t think of any cause, listen to your intuition because it could be a useful warning sign.

6. Forgetfulness

Do you keep forgetting about something you are supposed to do, or a person you are supposed to meet? Interestingly enough, our subconscious mind tends to forget about things we dislike. For example, when we don’t want to interact with a certain person, we tend to forget their name.

So keep this in mind whenever you find it hard to remember something, whether it’s a taks, an appointment, someone’s name, and so on. And yes, sometimes your subconscious will try to avoid unpleasant things that are actually good for you (such as working out, or brushing your teeth).

But sometimes it will be a warning sign from our intuition: perhaps deep inside we know we are not meant to meet that person, move to that new city, reply to that text message, and it’s almost like we forget about these things on purpose.

7. Admiring those who do the opposite

Here is another interesting warning sign. Are you about to change something in your life, or have you just changed it, yet you constantly think about or even admire those who have done the complete opposite? Well, it may be your intuition telling you it was the wrong decision.

For example, if you have decided to keep working at your job for one more year yet you keep thinking about people who recently went on a sabbatical, or changed their career, it could mean that it wasn’t the right decision, or that you changed your mind.

Similarly, if you are in a relationship yet you suddenly tend to notice those who are single, or the advantages of being single, perhaps there is something in your relationship that you need to fix, or it may be time to say goodbye.

Whatever the case, pay attention to your thoughts. If you are in a certain situation but your thoughts are directed toward people who are doing or experiencing the exact opposite, that’s probably a warning sign.

8. Past memories

When you are going through tough times and you are trying to find ways to cope, it can be useful to think of a time in the past in which you were also stressed out but figured out what to do so your stress wouldn’t be overwhelming.

When you do this, you are actively thinking of your past so you can find a solution to your current problem. But did you know that the same can happen subconsciously, and that the solution to your current problem can also be given to you by your intuition, or higher self, through past memories?

Never ignore past memories that come back all of a sudden because it could be your subconscious mind giving you a hint. And if it’s unpleasant memories, especially memories linked to danger, it could be a warning sign as well.

For instance, you may suddenly remember about a time in the past in which you were verbally abused because right now you are dealing with someone who will become aggressive or disrespectful unless you are more assertive, and your intuition is trying to tell you that.

Which path does your intuition want you to take?

9. Feeling trapped

Here is another warning sign you should never ignore. When you feel trapped or extremely frustrated, you need to listen to your intuition because way too often your rational mind will simply choose the easy route, not the one that’s right for you.

Sooner or later, we all reach the point where we must change, however because change is often uncomfortable, part of our brain might reject it; we might pretend it’s not that big of a deal, and that our current situation is fine. When this happens, our intuition will usually show up and talk to us until we finally decide to do something.

Nothing is so painful to the human mind as a great and sudden change.

— Mary Shelley

10. Synchronicity

Synchronicity is a concept originally introduced by the brilliant mind of psychiatrist Carl Jung, the author of Psychological Types. Jung believed that although some events aren’t connected by causality, they could still be connected by meaning.

Synchronicity can be a powerful hint from your intuition, and if it’s linked to negativity, it can definitely be a warning sign. Let’s have a look at two examples so we can understand this concept better.

Let’s say you are about to drive to a different city and you receive a phone call from a friend (who isn’t aware of your plans). Coincidentally, as she is speaking to you, she tells you about an accident that took place in that exact same city; you suddenly change your mind and decide not to drive there.

Here’s another example: you have been invited to a party, and you’re excited about it, but you are also aware that there’s a small chance you may meet your ex, who has been abusive in the past, since they could attend the same party. Right before you leave the house, you see a huge spider on the main door (this never happened before) and you interpret this as a warning. An hour later, you see your ex at the party.

Now, would these be actual warning signs? Does your intuition, your higher self, or the Universe, actually have the power to do such things? You decide. But sometimes we experience coincidences that are so bizarre, and so incredibly unlikely, they could be defined as examples of synchronicity.

Have you ever had a warning sign from your intuition? Let me know by leaving a comment! 👇