Using the law of attraction to win the lottery does not work because the law of attraction simply increases the chances of something happening, so a lottery win would still be incredibly rare; almost impossible.

Moreover, it is usually more sensible to try and attract the actual thing that you’d like to feel or experience in your life, e.g. a better home or lifestyle, rather than a large enough sum to buy it.

Let me be clear — this post is in no way intended to discourage anyone. Quite the opposite. I believe everyone has the power to change their own reality if they put their mind to it.

This is simply a reminder that something so rare as a lottery win doesn’t deserve a single second of your resources. Using your time and energy to attract your actual dreams and desires — that’s actually likely to work.

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Law of attraction to attract money: good or bad?

Pretty much everyone who’s into spirituality and manifesting has heard of the law of attraction in some way or another.

But let me share another law, or concept, that is nowhere near as popular as the law of attraction, yet it’s as powerful or even more powerful.

Ready? Here it is: never think of attracting money itself, but rather what you want — that is, the things you think you desperately need money for.

So for example, if dreaming of a house, car, trip around the world etc. do not ask for, or “attract”, the amount of money that you think would give you access to that.

Instead, focus all your energy on what you actually want — the new house, the car, whatever it may be — and try to forget about this artificial thing we call money.

I am not going to argue that using manifestation techniques to improve one’s finances is good or bad — no point. There are no real ethical implications.

What I am saying is, don’t fall into the trap of chasing (or attracting, for that matter) a number, or a piece of paper. Because fundamentally, that’s what money is.

Money being artificial cannot be quantified and/or imagined by the subconscious. Your desires, on the other hand, can definitely be translated into pictures.

Can you imagine a million? You can’t. You can only imagine e.g. a stack of notes, or a number. But I’m sure you can imagine a new relationship, a new job, etc.

So that’s the first point I’d like you to consider — whether it’s a life-changing lottery win or $1 that you’d like to attract, try and focus on the actual dream/desire rather than its price tag.

The law of attraction only changes some things

This entire blog that I run is about using and optimizing your mind so you can create pretty amazing things in your life. So yes, I am aware that the human mind is powerful. That being said…

The way your imagination shapes your physical reality will always be limited in the sense that while something like the law of attraction can change certain circumstances, it won’t change other immutable laws.

Obvious examples: the law of gravity, the flow of time, the weather. Why am I stating something so obvious? Because winning the lottery, in a way, is pretty much the same as the weather.

Whether you like it or not, the results are generated randomly, and your chances of winning will always be minuscule regardless of whatever technique you may be using.

Law of attraction and the lottery: it’s a numbers game

Things like the law of attraction, law of assumption, manifesting, magic rituals, sigils, positive thinking etc. can only increase the chances of something taking place.

Let me repeat — through practices like meditation, visualization, etc. you do have the power to increase your chances of success, but you never actually guarantee it.

Now, guess what — your chances of winning the lottery are literally one in a billion or less. Think about it for a second. It really is extremely, and I mean extremely unlikely for you to win.

With that in mind, is it really sensible to increase the chances of… one in a billion? Suppose you increase them tenfold — that’s still one in hundreds of millions.

Competition doesn’t usually work

Let’s go back to the concept of asking directly for what you want rather than money as a means to achieve that.

Now, let’s imagine that you are asking something, some entity that’s bigger than you — the universe, God, destiny, Fate, the higher self, a spirit, doesn’t matter.

In this situation, would you rather ask for something that everybody else wants, or something that’s unique and specific and therefore very easy to be given to you?

Obviously you’d choose the latter. Well, guess what the average person asks for — money. Not even a specific amount! Just money in general. Very vague, and very common.

Naturally, this creates a high level of competition (in your own imagination, if you like, but also very literally in the world around you: how many end up “chasing paper”?)

So that’s one more reason not to use the law of attraction to win the lottery — too many do it already. There is too much competition out there. Focus on what you actually want and competition naturally ends.

Wait, what about those law of attraction success stories?

One last thing: we’ve all heard of people who have manifested money in some way or another. Yes, those stories are true. But I’d like you to consider the following:

  • Possible doesn’t mean likely. If millions think of winning the lottery through the law of attraction, eventually there will be stories of some lucky individuals who “attracted” a win. But was it really the law, or just… luck?
  • Money itself means nothing (I’ve already said it three times in this post). One thing is to manifest, or attract, enough money to e.g. improve your lifestyle; an actual lottery win is a whole different story.

So there you have it. Nothing wrong with the law of attraction or any other techniques or practices to shape your reality. But to use those to win the lottery… usually a bad idea.

Thanks for reading, and as always, please feel free to share any thoughts/comments/experience on the subject by leaving a reply below.

Have an amazing day 😉