After a spiritual awakening, we may lose friends because our priorities, interests, and values in life are likely to change. Spiritual awakenings bring profound changes, and it’s not easy to share our feelings with friends who have not had similar spiritual experiences.

I myself had what you could call a spiritual awakening a while ago, and I lost some friends as a result of that.

At the time, it felt like a loss. And it was. But I then realized that losing friends during a spiritual awakening, at least in my case, was inevitable.

And although my new level of awareness meant some people had to go, it also and most importantly meant that new, special people would come into my life.

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Spiritual awakenings are rare

Only a tiny percentage of human beings will actually experience a spiritual awakening.

It’s impossible to say how many. But let’s say roughly one in a thousand.

Assuming that’s close to the truth, then after a spiritual awakening you will be part of that 0.1 percent. That’s a pretty small percentage, isn’t it?

This alone means it will be harder for you to find close friends, because close friends are people we truly connect and share our values with.

During a spiritual awakening, your life changes. And although in terms of outward appearance you may be the same, you literally turn into a different person.

Your purpose in life becomes clear; your hobbies change, your habits change. Everything changes!

But how do you communicate that to friends who are not spiritual at all? It’s impossible.

Spiritual awakenings are rare, and when you do experience one, you’re going to be part of that small percentage of people.

A spiritual awakening doesn’t imply you’ll lose your old friends, of course. But being part of that small percentage, you may find it harder to connect with them (and vice versa).

Old friends were meant for the old you

The truth is that we tend to lose friends each and every time we change.

If you’ve ever moved to a different state or country, you know it’s easy to lose friends simply because of the distance. That’s obvious, right?

But change could be… anything. It could be a new relationship, a new career, the fact that you’ve become more mature.

It could be that you’re into personal growth and no longer want to spend time with people who are unmotivated.

You may change your diet or lifestyle and realize you no longer want to interact with friends who have a completely different life than yours.

It may be a painful process. It may be awkward. It may take you a while to say goodbye to friends who are no longer right for you.

But at the end of the day, it’s pretty common. It happens to most of us. Almost all of us.

Old friends were meant for the old you. If you’ve changed (and spiritual awakenings always lead to profound changes), then it’s time to embrace the new you.

Why we lose friends after a spiritual awakening

Alright — these are, in my opinion, the five main reasons we may lose friends after we’ve awakened.

Can you think of other reasons, or would you like to share your own experience? If so, please leave a reply at the end!

1. We learn to appreciate solitude

First of all: spiritual people tend to love solitude. That’s one of the common traits of those who work on their spirituality.

Not only that, spiritual awakenings usually happen when we are on our own.

Different people will have different experiences, obviously. But a spiritual awakening is something so intimate, so profound, that it often requires solitude.

And once we learn that solitude can actually be pretty powerful for spiritual growth and personal growth in general, we may become more selective in terms of who we want to spend our time with.

2. Our language becomes too subjective

You’ve had a spiritual awakening. You’ve (metaphorically) seen things, you’ve reached a higher level of awareness.

But how do you explain these things?

If you use the kind of language used by everyone else, you probably won’t be able to express your thoughts and ideas.

So you need to use a different language. Your own words. Which are likely to be highly symbolic, or just plain weird.

And others will notice that. And think you’re a little strange (unless they’ve experienced an awakening themselves).

3. Our values are not the same anymore

After a spiritual awakening, our values and priorities in life usually change as well.

Things we had zero interest in suddenly become intriguing, irresistible; and things we enjoyed for years no longer seem so attractive.

So if our friendship was based on some of these things, the friendship may fade out.

Our friends may have been like-minded people in the past, but perhaps after our spiritual awakening we no longer share the same views, and they are not like minded anymore.

4. We are serious about protecting our energy

In my post about the traits of spiritual people I’ve written that physical health is one of these traits.

After a spiritual awakening, we become much more aware of what nourishes our energy (and what blocks it). We also realize that our body, mind, and soul are always interconnected.

With this new awareness, we naturally welcome people and things that raise our vibration, and avoid people and things that lower it.

If our friends do the latter, then we may decide to stop seeing them for a while, and that may lead to the friendship fading out.

5. We know the truth yet we can’t explain it

It can be incredibly frustrating to have a spiritual awakening, and discover truths we never even thought about… and not be able to communicate those truths to others.

Mind you, I’m not suggesting spiritual awakenings make you reach the truth. There is no such thing anyway. But you do reach your own truths. Which are equally important.

And if you share those truths, most people either think you’re crazy or simply don’t understand. Which is… understandable.

There are exceptions, of course. But in general, we cannot expect our friends to understand our language, our words, our ideas after a spiritual awakening. And it can be daunting.

The reason people come and go in life is because life is a journey and we are all traveling to different destinations based on our individual life choices, and when paths cross, people who are not meant to be with you on the remaining journey drop off like passengers.


You lose friends to find new ones

Losing friends, no matter why or how, can leave us with feelings of sadness, emptiness, and disappointment.

But here’s the thing: when a friendship comes to an end, that’s a sign new ones will begin.

As Paulo Coelho would say: “if you’re brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello”.

It’s true: those who have spiritual awakening can feel lonely.

It can be lonely going through so much, such an intense period of your life, and not being able to share your feelings with others — including your friends.

But it’s a good thing. Because now you have the opportunity to connect with the best people, people who were truly meant to be on your same path.

And it doesn’t really matter if you’ll only have a few friends. They’ll be true friends. Quality always beats quality anyway.

Have you lost friends after a spiritual awakening?

Since you’re reading this article, I assume you’ve had an awakening as well, whatever it meant for you.

If so, did your experience the same? Did you lose friends as a result of a higher level of awareness, a higher version of yourself?

Feel free to leave a reply below — I’m curious to hear your experience…