Without vulnerability, love wouldn’t exist. Vulnerability itself isn’t a bad thing.

Except… those of us who don’t yet have a healthy sense of self-worth tend to attach too much importance to it.

The result: manipulative people will sense that and give them what they want — attention, affection, love — to establish control.

“I love you. I’m obsessed with you. I’ll never meet anyone like you”. Who doesn’t like to hear such phrases?

But these are rarely the result of genuine attraction — especially if they come way too soon.

Rather, they are the tool narcissists (or other manipulative people) use to idealize you and get you hooked.

Love bombing: why

There’s a reason we say love bombing is a “phase” — it never lasts long. Love bombing is simply the initial step of a much darker process.

Because after all those unexpected and exaggerated compliments, gifts, and attention, the narcissist changes.

They remove your source of validation/happiness (their adoration) and make it conditional: if and only if you do this, then…

At that point the victim doesn’t want to give up that special feeling of being loved and adored, so they give in.

Love bombing feels great, just like any other “drug”. And it’s difficult to wake up and accept it was all a lie, a way to manipulate you.

But it’s the only way to “defeat” the manipulator. You won’t win their game if you play by their rules — you have to learn to be complete in yourself and walk away.

Here is a collection of 17 quotes about the love bombing phase to help you spot the red flags and understand how manipulators think…

Best love bombing quotes

Half the harm that is done in this world is due to people who want to feel important. They justify it because they are absorbed in the endless struggle to think well of themselves.

T. S. Eliot

The emptiness of the narcissist often means that they are only focused on whatever is useful or interesting to them at the moment. If at that moment it is interesting to them to tell you they love you, they do.

Ramani Durvasula

Some people seem like a bright light during your darkest moment… a beautiful refuge… but it’s a trap, there is only more pain there.

Steve Maraboli

Love bombing is a form of manipulation where the manipulator will use attention, affection, and adoration as a way of getting us to do what they want.

Kati Morton

Love bombing works because humans have a natural need to feel good about who they are, and often we can’t fill this need on our own.

Dale Archer

Real love is unconditional. Any love with limitations is as fraudulent as the person placing them.


It’s not always easy to see at first, because their gestures are meant to disarm you, to blow you away. But there is a difference between a caring person and a love bomber.


Narcissist love bombing quotes

Babies cry to get their needs met. Narcissists are great actors and often use tears as a tool of manipulation, this is an abuse tactic! Do not allow them to let this work as guilt, they are acting!

Tracy Malone

If someone is overtly mean or hurtful, we take notice, get defensive, or possibly stop talking to them altogether (…). But when someone is too nice, we are not always as aware.

Kati Morton

Relationship with a narcissist in a nutshell: you will go from being the perfect love of their life, to nothing you do is ever good enough.

Bree Bonchay

From my experience, honey, if he seems too good to be true — he probably is.

Candace Bushnell

Learning to spot narcissists and deal with their destructive behavior can save you the world of hurt that awaits anyone who mistakes the near enemy for a friend.

Martha Beck

To manipulate you into thinking you’ve just found your soulmate, the love bomber builds you up to an idealized object. They constantly point out all the good traits you possess, and minimize any of the bad.

Dale Archer

Short love bombing quotes

It works because everyone wants to be appreciated, loved, and shown affection.

Kati Morton

Nobody can be kinder than the narcissist while you react to life on his terms.

Elizabeth Bowen

Withhold admiration from a narcissist and be disliked. Give in and be treated with indifference.

Mason Cooley

If it is too good to be true, it is probably a fraud.

Ron Weber