Can you manifest for a partner, relative, or friend?

If you know someone who is struggling to achieve a certain goal, can you use manifestation techniques to help them out?

I’ll share my thoughts about the topic in this article, and if you’d like to share your own thoughts, please do so by leaving a reply at the end.

I assume you already know what manifestation is, but here’s my explanation of the term.

Manifestation explained

Everything you can see, touch, and hear in the material world first originates in the invisible world.

Sounds a bit too abstract? Think of thoughts. Every single item you see around you was once a thought, an idea.

Similarly, you can think of your current circumstance as the result of millions of decisions, and those decisions were shaped by your thoughts and feelings.

Manifestation is about creating the type of mindset that is aligned with your goals and dreams — so you can manifest them in the real world.

It’s about choosing the most exact, most accurate, most efficient state of mind, the one that’s going to guide you toward your ambitions.

That’s why clarity is a key element of manifestation: you first need to be clear about what you want to then get it.

Once you have determined what you want (most people never actually take the time to do so), then you want to ask: what is the state of being, the mood, the mindset that’s going to get me there?

You can imagine your reality as a series of lines, or paths. Only some of those paths lead to success — what you want to manifest. Manifestation helps you choose the best path.

In other words: who do you need to become to achieve and/or experience the reality that you are dreaming of?

Some ways to do that are:

  • Journaling in the present tense
  • Writing down a manifestation list
  • Visualization (picture what you want)
  • Visions boards and visual reminders
  • Reading your goals daily

Can you manifest for someone else?

You cannot manifest for someone else. It’s not your responsibility. Even if you know what someone else would like to manifest, you don’t know why and how, and they may not be ready to receive the thing they want to manifest yet.

Yes, I’ve heard people saying they manifested a better job, car, house, or whatever, for someone else. But I’m a bit skeptical.

What I believe actually happened is, they were both working toward the same goal, the same dream, and they were both actively trying to manifest it.

Or it may have been a coincidence. Or it may be true — perhaps you can indeed manifest for others!

But even if I could, I wouldn’t. Here are the four reasons why…

Why you cannot manifest for someone else

1. You don’t know what they want

Do you actually know what the other person’s desire is? You probably don’t.

As explained above, clarity is the foundation of all manifestation techniques. You need to be specific when asking for something.

Although your partner, friend, brother, etc. may have told you what they’d like to manifest, you don’t actually have access to their mind.

You don’t know the details, the hows and whys. It’s a bit like someone describing what they dreamt last night — they can give you an idea of that, but you won’t see what they saw.

This is the first reason why you cannot manifest for someone else.

You may know them, and their goals, very well. But you don’t have access to their imagination, their inner world, the images in their mind.

Those are the ones that will determine whether or not they manifest what they want, and how.

2. What they want may not be meant for them

Ever had a phase where you desperately wanted something, didn’t get it, and then it turned out it was a blessing in disguise?

That’s the beauty of asking for things. You don’t want to brute-force anything, you want to simply ask.

If it’s the right thing for you, if you’re meant to receive it, you’ll receive it. Otherwise you probably won’t.

So even assuming you know with great precision what the other person wants to manifest, it may still not be the right thing for them.

By trying to manifest for someone else, you may interfere with their life.

You don’t know who and where the other person is supposed to be in one, five, ten years. That’s unknown. Not even our intuition can see that.

That’s precisely why people say sometimes you should “surrender to the universe”. It’s true.

The universe has a plan for each and every one of us. We may have an idea of what the plan is, but we don’t know everything.

3. They may not want to change

Third point I’d like you to consider: does the other person actually want to change?

Maybe they do, maybe they don’t. We tend to assume that we always embrace positive things, and always say no to negative things. But it’s not always true.

Fear of change, fear of the unknown can be enough to prevent us from manifesting. But it goes beyond that.

Because some of us are actually afraid of success, of a better relationship, career, environment, etc. Sometimes it’s fear of success, sometimes it’s an inability to receive.

Whatever it is, know it may affect the person you want to manifest for, and if it does, then there’s no point in manifesting — they first have to change.

They first have to have the mindset, the state of being that allows them to ask for, manifest, and receive what they want.

4. It’s not your responsibility

Fourth and last point: it’s great that you want others to experience a better life. But ultimately, it’s not your responsibility.

Because of that, and because of the reasons explained above, I suggest you never actually try to manifest for others.

But… you can still help them manifest. You can teach them certain visualization or meditation techniques. You can encourage them to ask better questions to their higher self or intuition.

The goal is to guide them toward a state of being that allows manifesting and receiving.

The universe has its own language, and you want to make sure the other person understands the language and knows how to ask questions.

And you can help them do that. You can also provide support, and make them comfortable asking for help or advice.

This is, in my opinion, the best thing you can do. Don’t manifest for them — help them manifest instead.

Manifesting for others: one exception


If the outcome of what you would like to manifest, in your own life, is likely to affect others as well, then obviously that’s a different story.

If you manifest financial freedom, or a better financial situation, that’s going to give you the ability to help the people you love, too.

If you manifest a lifestyle in which you have more time, that’s time that can be spent with the people you love. You get the point.

Also, if you and the other person share the exact same goals, then I guess you can both manifest for each other.

For example, if you and your partner would like a new house, or a trip around the world, or any kind of experience that would involve both of you.

Manifestation: related articles

Have you ever manifested for someone else?

The definition of the word “manifestation” itself has different interpretations.

Manifestation isn’t like an equation, or a formula. What manifestation means to me isn’t what it means to you.

The way I manifest things in my life isn’t the way you manifest things in your life.

I’m curious: do you believe you’ve ever manifested for someone else? And if so, how?

Were you both working toward the same dream? Was the other person aware that you were trying to manifest for them?

Leave a reply below and share your experience! 👇