Whereas manifestation involves things like meditation, visualization, and working directly on your own state of being, affirmations can be as simple as repeating a certain phrase over and over again until the mind accepts it as true.

In short:

  • Affirmations are usually easier, and a good way to get started
  • Affirmations are more about thoughts; manifestation is more about feelings
  • Both require repetition but you may find that manifestation changes your mood/beliefs faster

Create your future from your future, not your past.

Werner Erhard

How does “manifestation” work?

Everything you can see, touch, and hear in the material world first originates in the invisible world.

Sounds a bit too abstract? Think of thoughts. Every single item you see around you was once a thought, an idea.

Similarly, you can think of your current circumstance as the result of millions of decisions, and those decisions were shaped by your thoughts and feelings.

Manifestation is about creating the type of mindset that is aligned with your goals and dreams — so you can manifest them in the real world.

It’s about choosing the most exact, most accurate, most efficient state of mind, the one that’s going to guide you toward your ambitions.

That’s why clarity is a key element of manifestation: you first need to be clear about what you want to then get it.

Once you have determined what you want (most people never actually take the time to do so), then you want to ask: what is the state of being, the mood, the mindset that’s going to get me there?

You can imagine your reality as a series of lines, or paths. Only some of those paths lead to success — what you want to manifest. Manifestation helps you choose the best path.

In other words: who do you need to become to achieve and/or experience the reality that you are dreaming of?

How do “affirmations” work?

Have the same assumption, thought, or belief for long enough and eventually it becomes your reality — that’s the idea behind affirmations.

It’s not self-deception, brainwashing, or being delusional. Affirmations are simply a tool to improve your mental health and in turn your mood/life.

You can see the affirmation technique as a reminder, as a way to remind yourself of your own strengths, skills, dreams, and blessings in your life.

And even if some of these things aren’t there yet, it doesn’t really matter — what matters is the end goal, the person you are about to become, your direction.

The truth is that our mind goes in all kinds of directions and has thousands of thoughts every day, regardless of how mindful, minimalist, or enlightened you may be.

Something as simple as repeating a certain affirmation is a little trick to help you focus on what’s important, on what leads to growth/happiness rather than any other random thing that may pop up in your mind.

The ability to choose your thoughts wisely is one of the most important (and probably hardest) skills when it comes to your wellbeing, and affirmations certainly help.

And no, you don’t have to say them out loud. You can repeat them silently in your head. I personally like to write them down. Do whatever works best for you.

Manifestation vs affirmations: similarities

  • Both are a process that involves discipline and focus, rather than some type of overnight trick; manifestation or affirmations won’t work if you are impatient
  • Both require you to get really clear on what you want and who you want to become (with e.g. a certain imagine in your mind, or a few short phrases)
  • Both require you to suspend judgment and not focus too much on the how, but rather the why; you shouldn’t be totally unrealistic, but as the quote says, create your future from the future

Manifestation vs affirmations: differences

  • Affirmations can be as simple as daily repetition, either through writing or reading; manifestation involves deeper focus such as visualization and working directly on your feelings/state of being
  • Because of this, the idea of “manifesting” things in your life can be intimidating and seem like a lot of work if you’re just getting started; affirmations are easier and faster
  • Affirmations are a well-known psychological technique; manifestation is more of a spiritual thing and although success stories are out there, it may be harder to explain it from a logical point of view

Manifestation vs affirmations: which is better?

As mentioned above, I would suggest you start with affirmations first — grab a piece of paper, think, write down what you like in your life and then create affirmations that will help you get more of it.

Manifestation is probably more powerful, but the simple act of writing down what you want/who you want to be (and repeating it daily) is vital.

Both techniques are great tools, so I encourage you to try both and experiment. Ideally, you want to practice both techniques, see what works best for you, and adjust.

For example, you may find that your mind responds better to images/visuals rather than just writing or reading; or you may find that certain images trigger stronger, more positive feelings.

Personal growth really is a journey and it never ends, so start now. As you discover (and use) the power of your own mind, eventually you’ll find what works best, stick to it, and get amazing results.

Two, five, ten years later you will have turned into a completely different person, one you’d never be able to even imagine, and wonder how it all happened.

It all started from a decision, a choice. So don’t waste time — start now. Good luck!