One does not simply calm down during a panic attack.

Panic attacks are terrifying.

I used to suffer from panic myself, and it got to the point where I was having attacks every single day. They would interfere with my job, sleep, and life in general.

Thankfully, I was then able to eliminate the attacks for good, mainly through cognitive therapy and changing my lifestyle.

Today’s post is going to be a bit different — eleven memes about anxiety and panic, which I’m sure you’ll understand if you’ve ever experienced them yourself.

If you currently suffer from panic attacks, or if you know anyone who does, do read the whole post as I’ll tell you how I got out of it (it’s easier than you think).

Panic attack memes

What are panic attacks?

Sudden, intense, extreme attacks of anxiety and fear.

Physical symptoms can be so severe you may think you’re having a heart attack.

Psychological symptoms can be so severe you may think you’re about to die or lose your mind (even if it doesn’t make any sense rationally).

These are the symptoms — the attacks themselves. But what causes the attacks?

There are many possible triggers (I listed 30 here) but fundamentally panic attacks are caused by you — your own anxious thoughts.

When people experience the attacks, they are basically overreacting to their own anxious thoughts.

Or, they may be overreacting to physical changes, such as a sudden posture change, or a fast heart rate.

Because of the overreaction, anxiety increases. Because anxiety increases, the symptoms get worse. Because the symptoms get worse, anxiety increases.

This is the vicious cycle of panic. The good news: you can learn to break the cycle.

How do you get rid of the attacks?

You want to become more aware of your own thoughts and feelings (cognitive therapy helps immensely) and understand that you do have the power to not overreact to your own anxious thoughts.

That’s basically what it boils down to.

The main misconception about panic attacks is that they happen to you, and that you have zero control over them.

Which is completely false.

Because although you can’t always control the triggers, you can always decide how to react to these triggers.

For example, you can choose how to react to your environment, the people you interact with, and even your own anxious thoughts.

Useful tips and resources

I have written several articles on panic and how you can get rid of the attacks for good.

If you’re struggling, please read the following:

No matter how scary the attacks are, you can learn to control them and eventually eliminate them for good. Panic is actually quite easy to treat compared to other disorders.