Our mind is a powerful tool. Just by changing our thoughts, we can instantly become more focused, more motivated, and overall happier. The psychological trick I am going to show you is good for:

  • Gratefulness
  • Goal setting
  • Presence
  • Realizing your true potential

You must focus to make this work, but it’s quite easy. All you need to do is convince yourself that you are special — or that something special just happened, or is going to happen, to you.

Here’s an example. How would you feel, and how would you behave if you knew you were gifted — more intuitive, more intelligent than the average person? As documented in the book Pygmalion in the Classroom, many students dramatically improve their performance when they become convinced that they are gifted, regardless of their IQ.

Here’s another example. What if you only had one or two years left on this planet? Would you still wait forever to go after your dreams… or would you take massive action? Would you still waste your time with toxic people… or only spend your precious time with those who love, support and encourage you?

There are no miracles for those who have no faith in them.

— French proverb

And here’s one more: how would you feel if tomorrow was a special day? Think of the excitement you felt on Christmas Eve as a kid, or before a well deserved holiday, or the night before you met a loved one after a long time. Not only would this boost your mood instantly; you would also go to bed and wake up excited, and go about your day differently — it’s going to be a special day, after all.

Do you see how this works? It doesn’t matter where, or who you are. What matters is how you feel, and your imagination.

If, for whatever reason, you don’t like your current situation, and you want to change it, you must forget about it. One way to do this is acting and feeling as if you were already experiencing the future. This can happen whenever you lie to yourself in a way that is inspiring, and motivating.

You may need to practice this for a while, because at first it will seem ridiculous. Your conscious mind tends to reject anything it doesn’t know yet, so it will try and convince you to stop, and “be realistic”.

I personally don’t know anyone who created great things by “being realistic”. I have, on the other hand, met quite a few people who achieved success — whatever that meant for them — by following their heart, and trusting their gut even though everyone around them thought they were silly.

Anyways, here’s some examples of affirmations you can use more often, perhaps every day. Notice how your feelings change as you focus on some of these.

  • Something special is going to happen to me tomorrow
  • I’m more creative/intuitive/intelligent than most people
  • I’m so grateful I have (something you don’t have yet)
  • There’s an instant solution to any problems that I face
  • Today is the beginning of a new era for me

You can use some of these, or create your own. What’s important is convincing yourself that you are 100% right; and, at the end of the day, you are.

All the examples above can be true for any individual: every day can be special, or the beginning of a new chapter; everyone has a unique mind, and a way to solve problems quickly. And if you say you have something, but don’t have it yet, it can simply mean that it’s coming soon.

Whether you think you can, or you can’t, you are right.

— Henry Ford

Life can be extraordinary. You can be extraordinary. All it takes is shifting your perspective, and seeing the world with different eyes.

Try out this technique, and notice the changes you go through. Your thoughts will be clearer; you will feel joy and excitement; and, as a result, your actions will change too.