Pendulums are invisible structures that appear when two or more people direct their energy toward the same thing. Essentially, when two or more people think about the same thing (and therefore feel and act in more or less the same way), a pendulum is created.

Whether people’s thoughts and feelings are positive or negative, it doesn’t matter. Like parasites, pendulums do anything they can to eat up as much energy as possible — positive or negative.

All pendulums are inherently destructive in the sense that their only goal is to feed off energy.

Since negative emotions are usually stronger than positive ones, pendulums prefer to cause anger, fear, anxiety, hatred, and tension rather than happiness.

How pendulums are able to accomplish all this, and still remain invisible and unnoticed, we don’t know. But we do know that they are very good at it.

To overcome pendulums, acknowledge them and be aware of their power. Do not react to them; ignore them. Most importantly, reduce importance. When you realize that the importance of something was created by the pendulum itself, and not you, you can be immune.

Today’s article is an in-depth explanation of what pendulums are and how they behave, and how you can be immune to them. All the quotes below are taken from Reality Transurfing Steps I-V.


Reality Transurfing in a nutshell

Transurfing is a series of empowering techniques and exercises that can literally change your life or, as the title says, your reality.

All the techniques are explained in Vadim Zeland’s book, Reality Transurfing (five volumes, usually sold as a single book).

The author proposes that reality can manifest in infinite ways, and that by practicing “Transurfing” you are able to shift to alternative materializations of reality.

In other words, become the master of your own fate. But what’s revolutionary is, you don’t have to fight or invest all your time and energy to do that.

If you follow the principles of Transurfing, you are then able to simply choose the kind of reality that you desire, provided that the desire comes from your heart and not someone else’s.

This is what the author refers to as freedom of choice. All of us have been given the wonderful gift of freedom of choice, yet only a tiny percentage of humans are aware of it.

Those who are truly free have the power to choose the reality they desire and this means that although there is always some effort involved, tension and suffering are not a requirement for them.

So, how does one acquire true freedom of choice? What gets in the way? What hinders our freedom as human beings? 

You would think it has to do with societal expectations, limiting beliefs, or even physical structures that have imposed their own rules and laws upon us.

And you would be right. Only, these things originate from something else. The real issue isn’t, say, a certain rule imposed by society, but the energy structure that shaped it.

In reality Transurfing, these energy structures are called pendulums. Free yourself from pendulums and you are free.

By winning the pendulum game you beget freedom of choice.

The secret to success lies in freeing yourself from pendulums and going your own way.

Pendulums in Reality Transurfing

This is one of the fundamental concepts of Reality Transurfing, which is why the author explains it at the very beginning of the book, in the second chapter.

If you understand what pendulums are, how they influence our actions, and how to be immune to them, then you’re halfway there.

Get this right, and the whole idea of “transurfing” reality will make sense. Get this wrong, and there will be no point in reading the rest of the book. It really is important.

So, what are pendulums, in simple terms? Have a look at the following quotes, taken from the book:

When a group of people begin to think in a similar way their thought waves accumulate in layers, and invisible but real energy information structures — pendulums — are created in the greater ocean of energy.

Like leeches, pendulums sense polarization as an irregularity in the energy field, and try to feed on it. There is nothing particularly wrong with that.

The nightmare is that (…) they somehow make people behave in such a way that they give out even more of this type of energy. They will do anything to make sure the energy keeps abundantly flowing.

Pendulums are invisible structures that gain energy when two or more people direct their thoughts toward the same thing.

Essentially, when two or more people think about the same thing (and therefore feel and act in more or less the same way), a pendulum is created.

Why is this a problem? Because pendulums, being parasitic entities who feed on energy, have zero interest in our wellbeing and/or freedom.

The more independent you are, and the more aware you are about your own thoughts and feelings, the harder it is for pendulums to gain energy from you.

Hypothetically, in a world where every single being had reached the highest level of inner freedom and self awareness, virtually all pendulums would be extinguished.

If everyone were to claim what was rightfully theirs, without fighting for it, without spending energy creating obstacles and overcoming them, pendulums would be left with nothing.

Examples of pendulums

Examples of pendulums that are harmless or relatively harmless:

  • Fashion trends
  • Sports and games
  • Towns and cities
  • Campaigns
  • Jobs and businesses
  • Music genres

Examples of pendulums that are clearly destructive:

  • Wars
  • Fanaticism
  • Drug addiction
  • Evil cults
  • Criminal gangs
  • Cruelty

All the evil, cruelty, and violence in the world originates not in the darker side of human nature, but in the greedy nature of pendulums. The human heart knows no evil.

Let’s examine the example of fashion trends. When a trend is born, a pendulum is born as well.

The bigger and more powerful the pendulum, the harder it is for human beings to ignore it and think independently.

If two of your friends start wearing a certain type of clothes, you may think the clothes compliment them or not, but it doesn’t really affect you; you wouldn’t spend more than a second thinking about it.

If most people you know start following the same trend, that’s a different story. And if the trend is big enough to appear and be talked about everywhere, can you really ignore it?

“Either A or B”

Left or right

Can you see how pendulums work? Originally, there was no trend at all. Then, it becomes a thing but you don’t really pay attention to it.

Eventually, as the pendulum gains energy, the trend explodes and it can be seen everywhere, and it becomes very hard to ignore it.

In this situation, are you a follower or not? Do you feed the pendulum (e.g. start wearing certain clothes just like your friends do) or do you go against it?

You may think that by going against the pendulum you would be free, but that would be a mistake. We’ll see why in a minute. For now, just be aware that…

ALL pendulums are destructive

In the book, the author states that literally all pendulums are destructive, which comes as a surprise but only at first.

Suppose you and your friends play a game together, and that by doing so, you all think in the same direction and you give energy to the same pendulum.

You genuinely enjoy the game, so how is this destructive? How could it even be compared to wars or dark cults?

Indeed, it would be absurd to compare the two. But that’s not what the author means with the word “destructive”.

All pendulums are inherently destructive in the sense that their only interest is to feed on our energy.

If you become an adherent of a harmless pendulum (e.g. you join a club, follow a trend, play a game) then this may be good for you but the pendulum does not care.

Whether pendulums are entities or not (alive or not), we can’t say, and the author does not express any thoughts in this regard.

But as an energy structure, pendulums simply take energy; they do not distinguish between good or evil, right or wrong. They simply take energy and that’s what makes them inherently destructive.

Pendulums fed by e.g. wars are fed by hate, suffering, and violence, and that’s why they are so destructive.

Pendulums of e.g. video games feed on a completely different kind of thoughts and emotions. But their “behavior” is the same.

Why are they called “pendulums”?

Because they are structures that feed on thoughts, feelings, and actions directed toward the same thing. What matters is the direction, not approval or disapproval.

The habit of expressing disapproval has developed under the influence of destructive pendulums that feed on negative energy.

  • If you become a pendulum’s adherent (e.g. follow a trend) and that gives you joy and a sense of purpose, then the pendulum absorbs your positive energy.
  • If you actively fight against a pendulum (e.g. hate a trend) and that makes you angry and frustrated, then the pendulum absorbs your negative energy.

Like physical pendulums, these energy information structures “sway”, and it doesn’t matter in which direction you push them — the bigger the sway, the bigger the structure.

Love a pendulum and it feeds off your energy. Hate a pendulum and it feeds off your energy. Are you doomed, then?

Luckily, there is a way out, and it’s easier than you think.

How to overcome pendulums

The pendulum’s adherents comply with the rule unconsciously. They are totally under the illusion that it is the right thing to do.

Pendulums have great power, and part of the reason for their power is that people do not suspect they exist.

The power of a pendulum’s influence is inversely proportional to awareness.

First and foremost: accept their existence. Know that these types of invisible yet powerful forces exist, and that they do anything they can to absorb as much energy as possible.

In psychology as well as in spirituality (one could say, in life) the awareness of one’s demons and limiting beliefs is, more often than not, what makes them disappear.

It sounds paradoxical, yet as soon as you are aware of them, they go away. Awareness is key, and by reading articles such as this one you have already taken the first step in freeing yourself.

This leads us to the previous question. To deal with a pendulum, do you passively follow it, or do you actively fight against it? Should you be a follower or a misfit?

The answer is: neither. If a pendulum wants you to choose between A and B, choose C.

To obtain freedom of choice and free yourself from pendulums, you have to simply ignore them and stop giving them energy.

Unusual or intuitive solutions often present themselves when you free yourself from pendulums and are able to think in a different way. The secret of genius lies in remaining free from the influence of pendulums.

While the thought energy of most people is held at certain frequencies by pendulums, the thought energy of a genius is free to attune itself to different frequencies and move into unexplored areas of the information field.

To overcome a destructive pendulum…

  • Ignore it. Keep your cool. Don’t let any negative emotions consume you. Know that those emotions are triggered by the pendulums because that’s what they feed off. The more intense your thoughts and emotions (positive or negative — doesn’t matter), the bigger the pendulum’s sway.
  • Don’t fight. You may think that fighting against what we dislike is a natural reaction, but this is actually the exception and not the rule. In general, the spontaneous reaction would be to simply ignore what we dislike. It is pendulums that make us react and fight, to absorb our energy.
  • React inappropriately. There may be occasions where you can’t simply ignore a destructive pendulum. In this case the wisest approach can be to react in a way that is shocking or surprising; that no one would ever expect. For example, someone tries to intimidate you and you laugh hysterically.
  • Reduce importance. Pendulums will often convince you to either follow them or fight against them by convincing you that something is important even though objectively it’s not. When you believe it’s important to do this or that, ask yourself whether it is you or a pendulum thinking.

Pendulums control people like puppets with the strings of importance.

Try to be consciously aware that it is the pendulum, and not you, that is desperate for importance.

Final thoughts

So there you have it. You now know how to overcome these invisible forces, and gain a lot more freedom as a result.

Keep in mind, the whole idea of pendulums can only be understood from a spiritual or esoteric point of view. Logic will reject the possibility of their existence.

It took me a while to acknowledge the existence of “pendulums” (or whatever you want to call them) and realize how destructive they really are and how much they influence human behavior.

Be as aware and as conscious as possible; observe the world and see how pendulums convince people to play their games and follow their rules.

You really do become a lot more independent once you are aware of pendulums and stop fighting against them.

Those who break the pendulum rule become either leaders or renegades. Some make their way to stardom while others end up social outcasts. The difference between them is that the former know they have the right to break the pendulum rule while the latter still have doubts.