Transurfing is a series of empowering techniques and exercises that can literally change your life. All the techniques are explained in Vadim Zeland’s book, Reality Transurfing I-V.

The author proposes that reality can manifest in infinite ways, and that by practicing “Transurfing” you are able to shift to alternative materializations of reality.

In other words, become the master of your own fate. But what’s revolutionary is, you don’t have to fight or invest all your time and energy to do that.

If you follow the principles of Transurfing, you are then able to simply choose the kind of reality that you desire, provided that the desire comes from your heart and not someone else’s.

This is what the author refers to as freedom of choice. All of us have been given the wonderful gift of freedom of choice, yet only a tiny percentage of humans are aware of it.

Those who are truly free have the power to choose the reality they desire and this means that although there is always some effort involved, tension and suffering are optional.

About the author

Vadim Zeland is a Russian writer. Reality Transurfing is his most famous work and has been translated in 20 languages so far.

Zeland does not wish to advertise his private life in any way. We do not know much about him, although he does have a website and there are a few videos of him online.

At the beginning of the book, the author says that all the principles and concepts of Transurfing, including the word Transurfing itself, came to him unexplainably.

He had a dream in which a mysterious guardian took him to some kind of fabulous, surreal forest (perhaps a metaphor for a better world) and told him that once one acquires “freedom of choice”, that world becomes accessible.

Zeland thinks the guardian may be an actual person from another dimension and whose knowledge could only be shared in a dream. The author himself is not sure, but it is a fascinating possibility.

Reality transurfing quotes (heart and mind)

Whenever you feel the slightest sense of awe for the world of your dreams, drive the feeling out of your mind. Outer and inner importance are obstacles on the path to unity of heart and mind. This is your world, and there is nothing in it that is unavailable to you.

Unity of heart and mind is such a rarity that you can literally sell it at a huge profit. All great achievements of art and culture are an expression of this unity. Stars become stars only because people are interested in what is missing from their own lives — unity of heart and mind.

The only 100 percent guarantee of reaching a goal is if it really is your own innermost goal and you head toward it through the right door. No one and nothing can stop you then, because the heart’s fraile (frequency) key fits the lock to your path perfectly. No one can take anything from you that is truly yours (…).

The mind always thinks about the means and how one should act. (…) The heart in contrast does not think. (…) The conflict between heart and mind arises because the mind doubts the goal can be realistically achieved. As soon as the grip of control weakens, the limiting conditions of the mind fall away to reveal unity between heart and mind.

Reality transurfing quotes (pendulums)

In pursuing their own interests, pendulums have created the myth that in order to achieve your goals you have to have money. As a result, people replace their original goal with the artificial  substitute of money. Money can be gained from different pendulums and so people shift their focus from the goal to money, and come under the influence of a pendulum that is alien to them.

Pull yourself up every time you realize that, out of habit, as if in a dream, you have accepted a pendulum’s game i.e. you have expressed discontentment, indignation, anxiety, or contributed to a destructive discussion, and so on. Remember: everything that causes you to express a negative reaction is a provocative prod from a destructive pendulum.

If you remove the masks destructive pendulums force us to wear, you will reveal the treasure that is hidden in your heart. You really do deserve the best because you really are an amazing, unique, special being. Just allow yourself to be so.

You can read more about pendulums, how they influence us, and how to be immune in this article.

Reality transurfing quotes (importance)

The power of pendulums is great, but as long as you abandon importance their power is insufficient to prevent you from consciously exercising your right to choose and to write the script in your life.

As long as I do not attribute excessive meaning to anything, the layer of my world will not be distorted by excess potentials. Instead I abandon the struggle and go with the flow. (…) There is no need to struggle anymore. I just calmly walk my path, and take what is mine.

If you find yourself in a problematic situation, try and determine where you might have placed too much intensity, gone too far, or become obsessive, consequently projecting excess importance. Determine the meaning something has for you and then let go of it.

If you are worried about something and yet do nothing about it, this too magnifies the level of importance you give it. The excessive potential of importance dissipates with action.

Reality transurfing quotes (freedom of choice)

Are you filled with the ambitious desire to become a star, or a millionaire? If so, can you give yourself permission to become one? Most people believe that fame, money, and power are the privilege of the chosen few, but if that is the case, who chooses the chosen ones?

Ideally, the awareness that every individual is the master of their own fate should be quite obvious. Imagine that you were given a document that certified your right to purchase a newspaper at any stall across the city. The document would hardly fill you with excitement because you have this right anyway, irrespective of any document.

Everyone can find whatever their heart desires. Even in the academic world life manifests the side of it we wish to see. For example, idealism holds that the world is an illusion, and life agrees. Materialism says the opposite, and again the world has nothing against that.

Freedom of choice means being free not to ask, demand, or fight for what you want, but to simply go out and get it.