Yet another self-help book that regurgitates the same old concepts?

No. Reality Transurfing (Steps I to V) can truly change your life as long as you silence the rational mind and apply the Transurfing principles.

And these principles are original. Sure, other books on psychology and spirituality may explain similar concepts with similar words.

But some of the ideas behind “transurfing reality” are basically unheard of and the author himself says most of them just came to him, unexplainably.

In short: it’s an amazing book. If you are into spirituality, goal setting, manifesting, and improving your life in general, then I totally recommend it.

You won’t find any affiliate links in this review — everything genuinely reflects my own thoughts, and promoting the book doesn’t benefit me in any way.

All the quotes below are taken from the book.

Ok, let’s get started…

What does Transurfing mean?

I did not invent the word Transurfing. It just came to me from out of nowhere just like all the other terms and content of this book.

The meaning of Transurfing can be interpreted as “gliding through the alternatives space”, or “transforming potential alternatives into reality”, or “shifting across life lines”.

In a nutshell, Transurfing is a series of techniques aimed at shaping your own reality by following the path of least resistance.

The idea is that by following the principles of Transurfing you no longer move toward your goals, but your goals move toward you, and there is no inner tension.

The author proposes that rather than trying to achieve what we want, we should simply choose it, just like we would choose a certain item at a store.

Sounds too good to be true? Make no mistake — everything takes time and effort, even if you apply what the book says.

The beauty of Transurfing is that the struggle, the fighting, and the tension that would normally be required to achieve (or choose) a certain outcome are reduced to an absolute minimum.

Let’s have a look at all the main concepts so you can get a clearer picture. Keep in mind, there is no point in trying to explain a 750-page book in just a few paragraphs. Hopefully this gives you an idea of what to expect.

Main concept/ideas

Alternatives space

According to the author, there is an information field that contains everything that ever was and ever will be; a database of the whole universe and all its alternatives.

In other words, each and every second of our life has an infinite number of alternatives, or manifestations, whose information is stored in the alternatives space.

Why is this important? Because not only does it imply that nothing is predetermined (as any situation has an infinite number or potential outcomes), it also means we can choose the best alternative.


When two or more people direct their psychic energy toward the same thing, a pendulum is created. The higher and more intense the energy, and the more the people involved, the more destructive a pendulum can become.

You can think of pendulums as invisible forces that feed on people’s thoughts and feelings (usually negative ones) and that influence human behavior so that the same thoughts and feelings are maintained.

You give energy to pendulums when you interact with them. Love or hate, approval or disapproval — doesn’t matter. The only way to free yourself is to ignore them and be an independent thinker.

Inner/outer intention

Inner intention achieves the goal; outer intention chooses it. (…) Outer intention does not try to change or fight the world. Outer intention simply chooses what it needs from life.

The stronger you desire something, the higher your chances of success, right? According to the author, it’s the opposite. Desire, just like fear and doubt, creates tension.

If you have to force yourself to work toward something, you desire it; that’s inner intention and that’s going to lead to a lot of unnecessary tension and frustration. Outer intention is the smarter approach and the book explains why.

Inner/outer importance

Reducing importance doesn’t just significantly eliminate problems from your life. Once you have let go of inner and outer importance, you obtain the treasure called freedom of choice.

Virtually all problems in your life can be reduced or eliminated for good when you realize that although they exist, they are not important. This is one of the concepts that needs to sink in because at first it seems an oversimplification.

Once you reach a higher level of awareness, you find out that importance itself wasn’t created by you, but by pendulums (energy structures that feed on thoughts and that don’t want you to be independent).


In Transurfing the visualization practice involves imagining a mental picture of the process of moving toward your goal based on the principle that the goal must be reached sooner or later because the power of intention is working.

I’m sure you are familiar with the concept of visualization and meditation and how those can help you reach your goals faster.

Reality Transurfing also involves visualization, and it’s slightly different from the techniques explained in other books. It’s not necessary (there are many other techniques) but it helps.

Freedom of choice

This, in a way, is what the book is all about; the essence of the book. You have been given the invaluable gift of freedom of choice and once you learn to use it, the world is yours — that’s the main idea.

Awareness of the existence of pendulums and their behavior, keeping inner and outer importance at a minimum, visualization of the process rather than the outcome — everything that’s explained in the book gives you true freedom of choice.

Imagine you were given a document that certified your right to purchase a newspaper at any stall across the city. The document would hardly fill you with excitement because you have this right anyway, irrespective of any document.

Reality Transurfing: review

Here are the pros and cons that come to mind. On one hand, the book could be improved because…

  • There is no table of content. You’d expect one in a 750-page book. It’s called Steps I-V because it’s actually five volumes, each containing quite a few ideas.
  • Translation/formatting could be improved. The book has been translated from Russian, and some phrases sound a bit unnatural. There are also a few typos, etc. that are quite obvious.

On the other hand, the book is amazing because…

  • It really is life changing. Apply the ideas explained in the book and your life will change. It’s not just philosophical theories regurgitated over and over again — Reality Transurfing works.
  • There is a summary in every chapter. You’ll find a list of all the main points at the end of each chapter. It helps you absorb all the information and review anything you may have skipped or missed.
  • Most concepts are original. Some have said the book is nothing more than the law of attraction and all that. I disagree. Most principles of Transurfing are truly original and that itself is rare.
  • Everything is explained in detail. Yes, it’s a long book, but it’s long for a reason. Some ideas can take a while to sink in because they deal with spirituality/esotericism, so it’s great that the author explains them thoroughly.
  • It’s actually an easy read. Considering that Transurfing deals with psychology and spirituality (some would say with “manifestation”), it’s not that difficult to understand; I personally enjoyed reading the book as well.

I promise no miracles and yet something greater than a miracle awaits you. You will discover that the hidden quality of reality is more extraordinary than any mystic tradition.