Each individual has a treasure — freedom of choice. The path toward what you want in life shouldn’t be a struggle, but a choice. However, how does one obtain the ability to choose?

Reality Transurfing explains how to remove or avoid phenomena that may interfere with free will, namely pendulums, importance/desire, excess potential, inner intention, and the notion that the material world is all there is.

You will not have heard or read anywhere else the things I am going to tell you here, so be prepared for the unexpected, as enjoyable as it is surprising.

Reality Transurfing, Foreword

I am going to be honest — The whole book about Reality Transurfing is massive (five volumes, over 700 pages) and it contains quite a few concepts.

Therefore, it would be impossible to sum up the content of the whole book in just a few paragraphs.

Especially since some of the concepts can’t really be understood superficially — you’ll need to read the complete explanation/chapter, maybe twice or three times.

Because although Transurfing is all about becoming aware of (and taking advantage of, or protecting yourself from) laws and forces that are as natural as the law of gravity…

It does deal with esotericism, spirituality, and “many other curious things” that require the reader to suspend judgment and look at the world in a completely new way.

Reality Transurfing: one-minute summary

As a general rule, each of us has the freedom to choose what they want in life. Happiness and success, then, are nothing more than a choice, usually a relatively easy one.

Why is it, then, that success and fulfillment and self-realization and all these things are so rare, and hard to reach? If it’s as simple as making a decision, why doesn’t everybody do it?

Although most people would never suspect this, there are invisible entities that control our thoughts and behaviors to feed off our energy if we allow them to. The author calls them “pendulums”.

Since people have no idea that pendulums exist, the way they interact with them is fully unconscious. People react to pendulums all the time and give them energy all the time — they just don’t know.

Once you learn to free yourself from pendulums (the first volume of the book teaches how), your decisions will be truly yours. However, that’s only the first step to achieving what you want in life.

You also need to be aware of a few other paradoxical rules of reality, for example the fact that dreams don’t come true, that “importance” pushes you further away from your goals, that “intention” should be outer and not inner…

Or that since everything moves toward balance, any “excess potential” will make it harder to achieve your goals. Or that reality has two sides — physical and spiritual — and that the former is actually a reflection of the latter.

See? It really is impossible to sum up all the concepts of Reality Transurfing. Hopefully this short summary gave you a clear enough idea. For a more thorough explanation, keep reading…

Transurfing: summary of main ideas

The main idea of Transurfing is based on the existence of the alternatives space which stores the script of all possible events (…). Under certain conditions, a person’s thought energy can materialize a given sector of the alternative space.

Reality Transurfing, Foreword

Alternatives space

According to the author, there is an information field that contains everything that ever was and ever will be; kind of a database of the whole universe and all its alternatives.

In other words, each and every second of our life has an infinite number of alternatives, or manifestations, whose information is stored in the alternatives space.

Why is this important? Because not only does it imply that nothing is predetermined (as any situation has an infinite number or potential outcomes), it also means we can choose the best alternative.


When two or more people direct their psychic energy toward the same thing, a pendulum is created. The higher and more intense the energy, and the more the people involved, the more destructive a pendulum can become.

You can think of pendulums as invisible forces that feed on people’s thoughts and feelings (usually negative ones) and that influence human behavior so that the same thoughts and feelings are maintained.

You always give energy to pendulums when you interact with them. Love or hate, approval or disapproval — doesn’t matter. The only way to free yourself is to ignore/avoid them and be an independent thinker (full explanation).

Inner/outer intention

Inner intention achieves the goal; outer intention chooses it. (…) Outer intention does not try to change or fight the world. Outer intention simply chooses what it needs from life.

The stronger you desire something, the higher your chances of success, right? According to the author, it’s the opposite. Desire, just like fear and doubt, creates tension.

If you have to force yourself to work toward something, you desire it; that’s inner intention and that’s going to lead to a lot of unnecessary tension and frustration. Outer intention is the smarter approach and the book explains why.

Inner/outer importance

Reducing importance doesn’t just significantly eliminate problems from your life. Once you have let go of inner and outer importance, you obtain the treasure called freedom of choice.

Virtually all problems in your life can be reduced or eliminated for good when you realize that although they exist, they are not important. This is one of the concepts that needs to sink in because at first it may seem like an oversimplification.

Once you reach a higher level of awareness, you find out that importance itself wasn’t created by you, but pendulums (energy structures that feed on thoughts and that don’t want you to be independent).


In Transurfing the visualization practice involves imagining a mental picture of the process of moving toward your goal based on the principle that the goal must be reached sooner or later because the power of intention is working.

I’m sure you are familiar with the concept of visualization and meditation and how those can help you reach your goals faster or achieve a better state of being in general.

Reality Transurfing also involves visualization, but it’s slightly different from the techniques explained in other books. It’s not necessary (there are many other techniques) but it helps.

Freedom of choice

This, in a way, is what the book is all about; the essence of the book. You have been given the invaluable gift of freedom of choice and once you learn to use it, the world is yours — that’s the main idea.

Awareness of the existence of pendulums and their behavior, keeping inner and outer importance at a minimum, visualization of the process rather than the outcome — everything that’s explained in the book gives you true freedom of choice.

Imagine you were given a document that certified your right to purchase a newspaper at any stall across the city. The document would hardly fill you with excitement because you have this right anyway, irrespective of any document.

The mirror world

Some have criticized the author and said all the book boils down to is Neville Goddard’s material, specifically his law of assumption. I disagree, because Transurfing is just so much more, but this is the idea that may be quite similar.

Essentially, Zeland says that the world is actually made of two parts, or sides — the tangible and intangible — which mirror each other. What happens in the intangible will inevitably be reflected in the physical, material world. Only, there will be a delay.

With the methods of reality Transurfing e.g. awareness/avoidance of pendulums and outer intention, one may create profound changes in the intangible side of the world until those are “reflected” or “manifested” in the actual world.

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