From a spiritual point of view, there are many possible explanations as to why your right ear may be ringing.

Ringing in your right ear could be a sign that you are raising your vibration, or that things are working out for you in life.

Or, the sound in your right ear may be a message from your spirit guides, or a form of synchronicity if a loved one is thinking about you.

Please note, this post refers to ringing in ears strictly in terms of spirituality; it doesn’t address medical reasons behind ringing in ears.

Right vs left part of the body in spirituality

The beauty of spirituality is, it’s always subjective — it’s fluid and changes according to the individual, the subject… you.

When it comes to the spiritual meaning of things, ultimately you know what makes sense and what doesn’t, what counts as a synchronicity and what doesn’t.

Also, spiritual manifestations or messages are highly symbolic, and again you have the keys to unlock the meaning of those symbols.

That being said, we see two common patterns/ideas in many spiritual traditions regarding the right and left side of the human body, specifically:

  • Changes in the right side of the body being a sign of good luck; changes in the left side a sign of bad luck or adversity
  • The right body representing the masculine traits/energy and the left side representing the feminine traits/energy

We’ll expand on this later, but for now just know that ringing in your right ear can be spiritually associated with positivity and masculinity.

Perhaps if your right ear is ringing it means you are about to hear really good news, either from someone you know or indirectly.

Or, it could mean that the “right” side needs work — perhaps you need to work on your assertiveness, willpower, or determination in life.

What do ears symbolize in spirituality?

The human body is the best picture of the human soul.

Ludwig Wittgenstein

People who work in the advertising industry know it very well: it’s impossible not to communicate.

Everything we see, hear, and perceive communicates something to us — a certain type of mood, energy, information. Regardless of its complexity.

For example, a very complex mathematical formula or a 500-page book is a form of communication, but so is the color purple, or a sound.

As humans, we use language, numbers, and codes to communicate all the time, and fall into the trap of believing that’s the only way to communicate, but it’s not.

In spirituality, the ears symbolize one’s ability to receive powerful messages that can go beyond the obvious, beyond the tangible and physical.

This includes the vibrational energy of colors and sounds or even messages from spiritual entities.

The truth is, since everything communicates, we receive such messages all the time — the spiritual person has simply learned to notice them and interpret them.

Spiritual meaning of ringing in right ear

The following are five possible explanations of why your right ear might ring, spiritually.

The list is by no means complete but these are the most common interpretations, and they are all positive!

1. Good things coming in your life

Whereas signs from the left part of the body (e.g. itching in the left foot) can be interpreted as negative omens, signs from the right side are usually associated with good luck.

Even according to old superstitions, if your right ear is ringing it could be a sign that good things are about to happen in your life.

You may hear good news soon, or things may start to work out for you, or perhaps you are about to enter a new, positive chapter of your life.

2. Someone’s thinking about you

The second most common interpretation of ringing in your right ear is that someone may be thinking about you — it could be a friend, your partner, a family member…

Ever had a dream about someone you had not seen in ages and then met them? Or the thought of them just appeared in your mind, a seconds later you got a text from them?

These aren’t always coincidences, but forms of synchronicity. Things the average person dismisses as random events can actually be some type of spiritual communication.

When someone thinks about you with great emotional intensity, spiritually this could trigger a ring or high-pitched sound in your right ear.

3. Spirit guides: you are not alone

Traffic signs, modern languages, gestures — we use these to communicate things in very straightforward, clear ways.

Spiritual entities, however, tend to do the opposite. If spiritual messages were communicated with clear physical signs, out of the blue, they’d be freaky.

Instead, they are always extremely subtle. Remember how spirituality is mostly subjective? Spiritual messages are subtle because they are not for everyone, they are for the Subject.

The third spiritual reason you may be hearing a ringing sound in your right ear is if your spirit guides want to comfort you and let you know that you are never actually alone.

4. Personal and spiritual growth

When you shift to a higher spiritual and emotional state, and raise your vibration, some pretty cool things will start happening to you.

For example, you may start noticing a lot of synchronicities and spiritual signs around you — these were always there, it’s just your awareness that’s changed.

If your right ear rings, it means you are hearing the highest possible audible sound for the human ear. Perhaps it’s a sign that your vibration is also higher?

5. Receiving spiritual energy

This is the most abstract/spiritual interpretation, but a very interesting one. If your right ear rings, perhaps you are receiving spiritual energy.

We don’t just get energy from the food we eat (though that’s one of the main sources of energy, of course). Think of, for example…

  • The sun (sun exposure)
  • Nature (grounding, forest bathing)
  • Affection, warmth (e.g. from loved ones)
  • Awareness, knowledge (e.g. from books)

The fifth possible reason your right ear may be ringing is if some higher (spiritual) form of energy is being communicated to you and you don’t yet know what it is.

To recap…

Spiritually, if your right ear rings it could mean that…

  • You are about to manifest good things into your life
  • Someone is thinking about you with great emotional involvement
  • Your spirit guides want you to know you are not alone
  • You are reaching a higher stage in your spiritual growth
  • You are receiving subtle forms of energy