Because what you see around you reflects what you focus on (selective attention) as well as your mood (correspondence), you may tend to see double numbers when you feel you are on the right path and in alignment with your values.

Double and even triple numbers can be pure coincidences, but there can also be a link between them and your own state of mind, especially when you feel those numbers have a meaning.

We see only what we know.


Numbers as symbols/messages

We use numbers as a convenient way to measure things.

However, much like pictures, words, colors, sounds, gestures, and pretty much everything that exists in the universe — numbers can also have a meaning.

That is, they can communicate; they can be a symbol, a message. Perhaps not as obvious as the ones expressed by words or sounds, but still fundamentally a message.

I’m not even referring to numerology, divination, or other forms of magic — it doesn’t need to be that complex. Each number or combination of numbers can have a meaning.


  • Zero (0) usually means nothing, or lack of something, but could also be interpreted as perfection or emptiness
  • One (1) is basically a straight line, so the shape itself tends to communicate order and alignment
  • Some people tend to associate numbers with colors and their meanings, e.g. 3 may be yellow and “happy”, 8 may be green and “abundant”
  • Some of us have a lucky number, either because the number appeared during positive events/breakthroughs in our life or for no reason at all
  • Similarly, we may tend to associate certain numbers to specific emotions, events, or even people and animals

So really, it’s not just adding up and subtracting and all that. Numbers can have a special meaning — usually the one we give them.

Seeing double numbers: psychology

Alright, let’s start with the basic psychological explanation.

Though we all live in the same world, each of us sees it differently. What we focus on with intensity, we tend to see. What we ignore tends to go unnoticed.

Besides being common sense, there are a few interesting studies and phenomena confirming this such as the invisible gorilla experiment or the frequency illusion bias.

Not only do we tend to see and experience what we focus on and think of most of the time — we find that somehow the world mirrors our own mood, emotions, and state of mind.

The person with anger issues sees competition, hatred, and injustice. The person who falls in love sees love and nothing else. Pessimists see darkness, optimists light.

From this perspective, there is a reason each time you see/notice double numbers, and that is, double numbers can reflect your own state of mind and/or mood.

Personally, I seem to notice double or triple numbers when:

  • I am about to reach a breakthrough or turning point
  • I make a move/decision which feels right or turns out to be right
  • I am in a meditative or contemplative state

Let’s go back to the concept of numbers as symbols and messages.

Whereas a completely random number e.g. 3,926 communicates either chaos or nothing at all, a double or triple number e.g. 222 communicates some form of harmony or order.

So there you have it. If you keep seeing double numbers, right now or during specific times in your life, it could be a sign that you’re on the right path or that you’re going in the right direction.

Jung’s synchronicity

Of course, this post wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Jung’s theory of synchronicity.

Essentially, Jung rejected the idea that all things in the universe are linked to each other by a purely mechanical cause-and-effect process.

Besides things that are just… random, or that happen spontaneously and independently, Jung thought that some events can be linked by meaning.

Specifically, our own psyche — a thought, dream, image, mood, or intuition — could be linked to a simultaneous “meaningful coincidence” in the physical world.

Synchronicities can be positive or negative, but double/triple numbers seem to be almost always positive as they reflect some type of inner alignment.

Just like you may seem to notice symbols of transformation e.g. butterflies during a breakthrough in your life, you may tend to see double numbers when things are working out for you.

Seeing double numbers: spirituality

And then there’s the spiritual explanation, which basically takes the concept of correspondence between inner and outer world even further. 

Whereas in traditional psychology any image, symbol, or pattern appearing in the world is nothing but the result of your own focus or outlook, spirituality suggests it may not be “just you”.

This is where it gets fascinating. From a spiritual point of view, anything is possible and this means double numbers may be signs or messages from…

  • Your higher self
  • The vast mind
  • Angels/spirits
  • The future

The world of spirituality opens up the possibility of direct communication from higher entities to you, through symbols, dreams, premonitions, and of course double or triple numbers.

Whereas the traditional psychological approach has that all these fascinating phenomena happen through our intuition or subconscious, from a spiritual point of view there is more.

Wait, aren’t double numbers just a coincidence?

We live in a world full of numbers, codes, passwords etc. so naturally double numbers are everywhere; some of them are definitely just a coincidence and nothing more.

However, even the basic psychological explanation of double numbers (selective attention) suggests that sometimes it’s not just a random occurrence as there may be a link between those numbers and your mind.

In other words, depending on the situation, you will see a certain number/symbol if you are in a certain state of mind, or if you have a certain type of thought; and won’t see any if you don’t.

Whether double numbers can be messages from angels or subtle dimensions, that’s totally subjective. It’s not something that could be confirmed by studies or any of that.

I feel anything spiritual has to be felt and experienced for anyone to “get it”. Talk to someone who has experienced e.g. recurring premonitions in dreams, and they’ll say they know it’s real.

Same with spiritual awakenings, out-of-body experiences, or even just forms of energy healing. All these stop being “coincidences” once you experience them and know they are real (at least to you).

When do YOU see double numbers?

If you’ve read this, you’ve probably experienced the double number thing in the past, or perhaps it’s happening right now, and you’ve figured it can’t be “just you”.

When do you tend to see double or triple numbers? Do you believe in any spiritual theory, e.g. double numbers being messages?

If you’d like to share your thoughts and/or experience with double and triple numbers as a “meaningful coincidence”, please do so by leaving a comment below.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!