Spiritually, sleeping on the floor helps you go back to the awareness of sleep and its importance. Sleeping on the floor also improves your spirituality through grounding, humility, and minimalism.

Mindfulness reminds us that everything we do on a daily basis, from eating a meal, to using our smartphone, can be done consciously or unconsciously.

It’s not either or — I guess the extremes would be complete impulsivity and perfect self-mastery, but there’s no need to reach any type of perfection.

All it takes is focus and awareness. And yes, it applies to simple things and habits. Sleep is no exception… and it’s absolutely vital to our physical and mental wellbeing.

If you are into spirituality, you may have thought of (or even tried) sleeping on the floor, and wondered what the spiritual benefits would be.

That’s what this article is all about… so keep reading!

Potential health benefits of sleeping on the floor

  • Cool temperature. Overheating doesn’t allow refreshing, deep sleep. Our body temperature drops naturally after a few minutes, but if you feel the environment is still too hot, sleeping on the floor may help as it’s a bit cooler.
  • Posture/alignment. Sleeping on the floor may not be the best alternative for side sleepers, but if you tend to sleep on your back, it may provide back pain relief and better alignment; it’s not as soft and comfy as an actual bed, but this could be good news for your posture.
  • Body awareness. Sleeping on the floor trains you to be more aware of your body — the muscles that may be too tight, the position of your body, your breathing, blood flow, potential poor habits when going to bed etc.

Spiritual benefits of sleeping on the floor

Want to get in touch with your spiritual side? We sleep every single night, and we do it for — hopefully — at least eight hours.

Well, those eight hours can be turned into a spiritual practice, or rather, a practice that helps you grow spiritually.

Here are the top three spiritual benefits of sleeping on the floor…

1. Sleeping on the floor: awareness

Sleep is sacred. Sleep is vital. Yet just like with everything else, we get used to it and forget its importance.

Changes in how you sleep, such as using the floor instead of a bed, helps you go back to the awareness of sleep.

At bedtime, you don’t just turn off your body and mind — you prepare for an experience as vital as eating or breathing.

Just like you take care of your body, mind, and even spirit by eating more consciously, you should treat sleep the same way.

2. Sleeping on the floor: grounding

The practice of grounding, such as placing your bare feet on the ground, ideally in nature, is a well-known way to improve your spiritual health.

Sleeping can be the same — when you sleep on the floor, knowingly or unknowingly you are practicing grounding.

We come from the Earth. Nature nurtures us, not just with food and sunlight; we absorb its energy, too. Grounding helps you do that.

Just like you feel a deep sense of peace and harmony during e.g. forest bathing, being closer to the ground can trigger relaxation and rest.

3. Sleeping on the floor: humility

Minimalism and spirituality go hand in hand. That’s not to say you have to let go of everything to be spiritual.

The simple act of being more mindful of unnecessary (and potentially harmful) distractions is a powerful way to improve your spirituality.

And sleeping on the floor isn’t just minimalism — it’s a practice that reminds us of humility, modesty, and selflessness.

Which are, paradoxically, the key to growth and even happiness. Through humility, you let go of excessive self-importance and in turn become lighter and freer.

Four tips to sleep on the floor

  • Find your style. There’s no right or wrong way to do it, in the sense that you could theoretically sleep on the hard floor, or use a yoga mat, or a proper mattress. Experiment and see what works best and what’s healthiest for you.
  • Journal. It helps you improve and track your sleep, in general, so it’s even more important when transitioning to, or experimenting with, sleeping on the floor. After sleeping on the floor, do you notice changes in sleep quality, posture, body awareness? Write it down!
  • Use pillows. For instance, one under your head/neck, a harder one under your knees, and maybe one or two you can “hug” on your chest. Pillows can improve your posture when sleeping on the floor and also provide a sense of coziness.
  • Take your time. Never force yourself to sleep a certain way. If you’ve been sleeping the same way for years, your body/brain will take a while to adapt. When switching to a new sleep position or schedule, do it gradually.

Sleep and spirituality: other ideas

  • Lucid dreaming
  • Waking up earlier
  • Intermittent fasting (later in the day)
  • Writing down your dreams
  • Learning about dreams and their meaning
  • Approaching your health holistically
  • Experimenting with crystals when you sleep
  • Experimenting with essential oils
  • Meditating right before or right after sleep