Spirituality is so vast that it touches many other practices and disciplines, including psychology, which literally means the study of the psyche, that is, the human mind and/or soul.

We connect with our spiritual self through art, contemplation, silence, reading, or even by doing absolutely nothing — some would call this “do nothing meditation”.

In today’s post you’ll find a list of 65 ideas to expand and express your spirituality. Some will surprise you, some will sound boring, some will fascinate you.

If you’d like to share some of the items on your spiritual bucket list, or comment on this one, please do so by leaving a reply at the end.

Alright, here it is…

Spiritual bucket list ideas

  • Find your own truth. Life is what you make it. It doesn’t just refer to your actions alone, but your thoughts and attitude as well. What is the truth about love, life, the world? Your own.
  • Learn about different religions. Because even if you are not religious, or even if you have chosen to identify with one religion in particular, you may find gems in other beliefs or doctrines too.
  • Turn off your phone. For an hour. Then a day. Then as long as you want. Unless you have to use it for work. Trust me, few things are as liberating as being phone-free, and it does wonders for your mental health.
  • Floating. Ever heard of floating? You basically lie in a tank, in total silence and darkness, and just float, for an hour or so. It has been described as a form of meditation where you fully relax your body and mind.
  • Hermit mode. Solitude and spirituality go hand in hand. The few individuals who reached enlightenment were basically hermits, at least at some point. You don’t need to be that extreme, but you can be a “hermit” for a few days.
  • Emotional release massage. If you have never tried this, then you have no idea how much emotional pain your body accumulates in the form of tense, stiff muscles, and how a single professional massage can release that.
  • Enlightenment. I don’t mean Buddha’s enlightenment, or anything that would require years of meditation or asceticism. You can reach your own level of enlightenment — an epiphany, realization, or higher level of awareness.
  • Sound baths. Ever heard of the term “spiritual vibrations”? Well, sound itself is a vibration, and even traditional science would have to agree on this. Some swear the benefits of sound baths go well beyond temporary relaxation.
  • Find a soulmate. This would be a person you feel an incredible, magnetic attraction toward because their soul “matches” yours. This can’t be planned, but you can consciously ask the universe for it.
  • Stargazing. Some of my most profound realizations came as I was stargazing at night. Look at the sky, the stars, the moon — and wonder, and ask questions. The answers will seem to come out of nowhere.
  • Forest baths. It’s important to reconnect with nature from time to time. This is true for anyone, so if you are into spirituality, it’s even more important. Isn’t spirituality about reconnecting to the original source, the beginning?
  • Start a new life. Because you only live twice. It can be totally liberating to say goodbye to the person you used to be, get rid of your possessions, move, and start it all over again. And find out that you are whoever you want to be.
  • Fasting. This has been a well-known spiritual practice for literally thousands of years. Not only that, it does wonders for your immune system and clarity of mind as well. Just make sure you do your homework before fasting for the first time.
  • Learn to dis-identify. This means to maintain a healthy detachment from your thoughts and feelings, and by extension from your current reality. If you think something is you, how can you see it objectively?
  • Spiritual books. Books on religions, philosophy, esoterism, spiritual practices, manifestation, biographies of spiritual teachers, etc. The list really is endless.
  • Spiritual retreats. This may be expensive and you may have to travel and take some time off, but it’s definitely a once-in-a-lifetime thing for those who want to cultivate and grow their spiritual side.
  • Drink “conscious” water. Can your thoughts and intentions affect the structure of water? Masaru Emoto thinks so. If he is right, each time you hold a glass of water and are conscious about your goals and intentions, water may absorb them.
  • Create art. Even the most basic forms of art require intuition, creativity, mindfulness, and presence, which are closely related to spirituality. Write, paint, create something, and express yourself.
  • Observe others. As a habit, pay attention to what people do and why. Observe them carefully and see if you can spot patterns or automatisms. Are you doing the same? Do you do what you do consciously?
  • Forgive yourself fully. Few feelings are as toxic as guilty. So forgive yourself for anything you have or have not done. Not only will it free you — it will teach you not to judge others as well.
  • Learn to sleep well. How and when we sleep affects our entire life. When did poor sleep become the norm? How can a sleep-deprived society even function? Learn to sleep better for a better physical, mental, and spiritual health.
  • Find spiritual friends. Not that easy. But not impossible either. Those who are into spirituality often learn to be complete in themselves, yet human connection is important, especially with like-minded individuals.
  • Reiki and crystal therapy. I know — many are skeptical. I myself have tried it, and can’t tell whether it did nothing at all or if it actually changed my thoughts/mood. Give it a try and see for yourself.
  • Walking barefoot. Besides being good for your posture, it’s a common “grounding” practice that allows you to reconnect with the Earth. Very relaxing as well.
  • Talk to your higher self. Each of us has an inner guidance which can manifest in the form of powerful intuitions, thoughts that seem to appear out of nowhere, precognitions, or vivid dreams.
  • Chanting. This is another ancient spiritual practice. Typically, people chant mantras, alone or in a group. Chanting induces a different state of mind as well as joy and relaxation.
  • Flower essences. Find the right ones for you (ideally a therapist will literally test them on you) and they can be life changing. As long as you are consistent, you can expect results within a few weeks.
  • Manifestation lists. What do you want in your life? Thinking about it isn’t enough — write it down, and be as specific as possible. You can then read the list daily or even keep a manifestation diary.
  • Astral projection. This refers to a voluntary out-of-body experience in which the soul frees itself from the body and travels. I’ve never done this but a quick internet search will show different techniques and tips.
  • Hypnotherapy. Essentially, a form of therapy in which the therapist induces a state of deep relaxation. It seems to be particularly effective for phobias and addiction such as smoking.
  • Meditation in the dark. This shouldn’t be done for long periods of time, especially as you are starting out. Complete darkness and silence can help you turn off your mind as long as you are comfortable.
  • Positive affirmations. You can say affirmations out loud, or just repeat silently in your head. As long as you believe them, they can help you achieve your goals faster.
  • Go on a sabbatical. A big part of spirituality is the ability to pause and reflect — on yourself and others, and everything around you. If you ever get the change, take some time off. I have done it. I promise you won’t regret it.
  • Random acts of kindness. We all complain about the world and say it could be a better place, and people could be nicer. Well, be the change then. Be kind, even when it’s not expected.
  • Create a list of quotes. There are a few quotes that I simply love — short phrases that express concepts so profound you’d think it’d take a whole book to explain them. Create a list of inspiring quotes that resonate with you.
  • Learn about chakras. In other words, energy centers in your body. Each of us has seven chakras with corresponding organs, colors, and emotions and feelings. Ideally, all seven chakras should be open and in harmony with each other.
  • News detox. What percentage of what you call “information” is actual information? And what does it do to your mental and spiritual health? Be very conscious about the content you consume. Go on a detox and see what happens.
  • Spiritual journaling. Essentially, journaling about your realizations, or your progress and growth from a spiritual point of view. One year from now you’ll be glad you did because we do forget a lot of things.
  • Go for a long walk. I have found that sometimes our most original intuitions come not when we sit still (e.g. in meditation), but as we move our body and breathe some fresh air.
  • Meditation music. And you don’t need to meditate to listen to it. YouTube has literally hundreds of videos of relaxing sounds, meditation music, or even nature sounds e.g. rain or birds chirping.
  • Visualization. You already have what you want; what you want to manifest in the outer world already exists in your inner world. Visualization helps you become aware of it — and hopefully manifest faster.
  • Notice retrocausality. Do major future events affect the past? Call me crazy but I believe they do. Scientists have called this “retrocausality” although it has not been officially proven yet.
  • Prioritize your life. You won’t do much unless you decide to make something a priority. For example, if you are reading this, it’s probably because you have prioritized spirituality i.e. you believe it matters.
  • Learn gratitude. It can be ridiculously easy to feel happier — all it takes is gratitude. It’s free and always available to you. And I have found that just like anything else in life, gratitude can be learned.
  • Gurdjieff’s stop exercise. Someone else shouts “stop” and you have to freeze and remain in the same position, and pay attention to your own thoughts, feelings, and emotions.
  • Gurdjieff’s decision exercise. Ask yourself what you want to accomplish in life — what your aim is. Sit for at least an hour, alone, until all your thoughts go away and you feel fully relaxed. Then write down your aim.
  • Be as honest as possible. Falsity is one of the worst problems of the world because it affects everyone’s behavior rather than just words. When possible, be 100 percent honest and don’t be afraid to tell the truth.
  • Help those in need. Through a charity, or on your own. Spontaneously, or after careful planning. It doesn’t just help others, it helps you realize how lucky you really are.
  • Travel to Southeast Asia. Places like Thailand, Indonesia, or India have those special vibes that just can’t be found anywhere else. And when you are there, you can even…
  • Chat with a Buddhist monk. You can ask questions and have deep conversations with monks, all for a small donation. For example, you could ask how they meditate, what they read, what they do daily.
  • Notice synchronicity. This refers to the simultaneous occurrence of an event in the inner world, i.e. psychic energy, and an event in the outer world, i.e. reality, with no causal connection. For example, thinking of someone right before you meet them.
  • Lucid dreams. You can train yourself to “wake up” in dreams and change the dream according to your intention. I’ve only had two or three lucid dreams, spontaneously, and it was a very interesting experience.
  • Precognitive dreams. I have also had precognitive dreams and I personally think everyone has them. The trick is to pay attention to them and notice what happens during the day. You can keep a sleep diary to make it easier.
  • Surrender. And trust life. This is something most people learn to do gradually, as they age, but it can also come from the sudden realization that the universe is a lot more powerful than you are.
  • Color therapy. Do you need more “red” in your life? Perhaps you have anger issues and you need more “blue”, or “purple”? Colors affect our mood and subconscious mind, and this has been proven by studies on athletes as well.
  • Break a bad habit. Which is basically a harmful, negative, unhelpful pattern repeated over and over again, mostly subconsciously. Discipline, willpower, and meditation can help you interrupt the pattern.
  • Experience non-duality. All things in the universe are interconnected, and it has been said that enlightenment is nothing more than the total, perfect, crystal clear awareness of it.
  • Ask why twice. For example, you may ask why someone’s words made you angry, and answer that the anger was triggered by fear. However, why were you afraid? Asking why multiple times reveals the root issue.
  • Shamanic healing. This involves entering a trance-like state (no worries, there is no need to use heavy drugs) and, from there, connect with your soul and “spirit guides”. And yes, some therapists are trained to do this and will guide you.
  • Cognitive defusion. Pay attention to your thoughts, as you would during some types of meditation. Then, imagine them as leaves on a stream, or clouds in the sky. This exercise helps you detach from the mind.
  • Give veganism a try. Some religions and philosophies such as Buddhism preach kindness toward all living beings, and many spiritual people happen to be vegetarian or vegan and eat more consciously.
  • Overcome fear of death. Fear is one of the most powerful, perhaps the most powerful feeling we can experience. Especially fear of death. Work on that and you’ll notice your whole life will change for the better.
  • Solve impossible problems. What if there was a simple solution to any problem, even “impossible” ones? Isn’t it true that it’s often our limiting beliefs, and societal expectations and idea of “normality”, that make it impossible to solve them?
  • Be happy for no reason. Because you really don’t need any reason in particular to be happy other than the fact that you are alive, and you have a mind and a body, and you are free to do whatever you want.
  • Remember. Remember who you used to be. The innermost layer, the heart. Some call it the “inner child”. That person — whole, perfect, complete — is you. It’s always been there, within you, and always will be.

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