Spirituality changed my life because it taught me to look at the world — and myself — as it really is. Spirituality lifts the veil of distractions, impulsivity, and demons, and reveals the true essence of things, including yourself.

As a result, spirituality leads to more…

  • Clarity
  • Focus
  • Energy
  • Happiness
  • Purpose
  • Awareness

And no, I didn’t need to meditate for twenty years, or turn into a hermit, or read thousands of books.

All it took was a different perspective.

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The ONLY thing that permanently changes your life

Before we dive in, let me share a key concept. If you want to change your life for good — improve your existence here on this planet, and most importantly never go back…

Then there is only one thing you want to change, and that is yourself. To change your life and never go back, you have to change yourself. It’s that simple.

Why? Because it’s the only thing you can truly control. Controlling your environment, people around you, life events, the flow of time etc. is mostly an illusion.

The paradox is that so often we try to change what we have and not who we are. We invest tons of resources chasing illusory or temporary “achievements” rather than lasting ones.

Anything that’s somehow based on luck, and over which we have virtually no control over, is destined to end sooner or later unless we change who we are.

  • You can meet the most amazing partner, but does your own self-worth allow you to be in a healthy relationship with them?
  • You can win a large sum, but do your clarity/financial skills allow you to spend or invest it sensibly?
  • Life can surprise you with the most wonderful unexpected gift, but will you embrace it? Or will fear of change get in the way?

I’m not saying external events can’t change your life. Clearly, they can. The point is, true change must be based on our own state of being — who we are — rather than what happens to us.

The reason spiritual practices are so empowering is that they change your fundamental essence, your way of thinking and looking at reality; they change the subject rather than its objects.

Whether we like it or not, everything around us changes. It’s basically one of the laws of reality — energy must continuously change and transform itself.

Everything changes, everything is temporary… including our body and our mind. What stays the same, then? The subject — that which perceives, that which goes beyond mind, body, and everything else.

How sudden changes can lead to spirituality

Spirituality can change your life. But can life changes make you more spiritual? Absolutely. That’s my experience, and that’s how most people reach some form of spiritual awakening.

In particular, there seems to be a link between sudden changes involving some type of loss — the loss of a job, of a loved one, of something that was tied to one’s identity — and one’s awareness of spirituality.

This happens because, put simply, the sudden loss forces us to realize that something we had invested so much emotional energy in can be taken away from us and yet something remains.

At first, that something can be terribly painful. It looks and feels like emptiness, darkness. We believe we have lost everything, sometimes even our own identity.

In reality, the terrifying emptiness that remains is who we really are. Learning to be comfortable with it means being comfortable with the true self, with the only thing that is not impermanent.

Think — why do people fear silence so much? Why is the experience of… let’s say, lack of noise, or auditory distractions, so uncomfortable for the average person?

Same for doing nothing. Can you just sit down and do absolutely nothing for, say, an hour? No phone, no talking, no distractions. It’s the easiest thing in the world… yet the hardest.

Sudden negative changes (that is, changes that involve losing an important element of your life) can force you to go back to that emptiness, that silence, see and feel it as it is, and learn to be comfortable with it.

I mean, look at meditation. There is even a technique called do nothing meditation. One of the most profound spiritual practices, one that has been practiced for thousands of years…

Is essentially the act of hitting the pause button and doing nothing. Think — what remains, when you remove all distractions? What stays, when you look within?

What has always been there, what will always be there? Can you embrace it? Can you identify with the heart, the core, the “nothing” that’s actually everything?

We all chase things externally — people, things, experiences. And that’s great. We’re supposed to do that. But we should never forget that those people, things, and experiences are not us.

How spirituality changed my life

1. I am the healthiest I have ever been

Mind, body, and spirit are interconnected. It’s hard to imagine someone who cultivates their spiritual health and neglects their body.

Though theoretically it could be a coincidence, since focusing on spirituality I have noticed more energy, better sleep, healthier habits, and better mental health.

2. I am okay with having fewer friends

Spirituality makes it very difficult for society to impose anything on you. I mean, societal expectations and all that. I’m not talking about actual laws.

At some point in my spiritual journey I realized that I don’t actually want tons of likes, followers, or even actual friends. Quality, not quantity. Especially when it comes to people.

3. I can detach from my own thoughts

Wouldn’t it be cool to be able to look at your mind — thoughts, images, ideas, desires, fears — rather than be controlled by it?

Good news: this is possible. You may not reach monk-like self-mastery, you may not be able to fully detach from what goes on in your brain… but you can definitely come to the realization that the mind is not you.

4. The thought of dying isn’t as scary

I’d be lying if I said I am completely okay with the idea of having a body and a mind that will one day cease to exist.

However, non-identification itself (awareness that you are not body or mind) eliminates a lot of unnecessary anxiety. If you are not these things, then surely death isn’t the end? And even if it is, that’s okay too — I can’t change that.

5. Reality has become “elastic”

Life is full of miracles, we just have to learn to notice them. Quite a few things we would normally dismiss as coincidences actually have profound meanings if we pay attention to them.

The more you learn about spirituality and spiritual things, the more you realize reality isn’t just a mechanical, cause-and-effect dimension; there are things going on in the background.

6. The end has become the beginning

We often think of spiritual awakening, or enlightenment (whatever it means to you) as “the end”, the ultimate achievement.

But in reality, it’s only the beginning. It’s only after your spiritual awakening that you can truly express yourself, live consciously, love the person in the mirror, and do really cool things.

7. I am clear on what I want

The tragedy of so many people is, they think they have goals and desires, but in reality they are other people’s goals and desires.

Spirituality can help you get crystal clear on what you want — which may be completely different or unique — and then go get it.

8. Distractions are not as appealing

I no longer want to spend endless hours on social media. I no longer want to be lazy, eat tons of sugar, get drunk, distract myself as a way to cope with stress or anything else.

Doesn’t mean I no longer engage in any distraction. But through spirituality, a lot of unhealthy mindless distractions surprisingly cease to be desirable.

9. I am okay with being different

I don’t want to be normal. I don’t want to do what everyone else is doing. I know I am here on this planet for a reason. If society doesn’t agree, then it’s too bad.

Seriously though, I have learned that normality can be scary. And that sometimes it pays to do things differently. Not for the sake of being different — but for the sake of being yourself.

10. My energy is protected

Some people will drain your energy — we call them “energy vampires”. However, some habits will drain your energy as well. And some types of food… but it doesn’t end there.

Spirituality allows for the possibility of other things, or entities, feeding off your energy. They are invisible, and people don’t really suspect they exist. But they do. Once you become aware of them, protecting your energy will be much easier.

11. I know people are never inherently evil

Lastly, spirituality has allowed me to look at people (and all living beings) as if they were empty containers. Was it man, who created wars, persecution, and all the most horrible things in the world?

Superficially, yes. Spiritually, not really. Perhaps if man learned to be free from demons (you can interpret this literally or metaphorically) then evil would not exist. We can’t say for sure. But it’s likely to be the case.

Has spirituality changed YOUR life?

Everything I write in this blog isn’t about me — it’s about you.

I hope this post inspired you to cultivate not just body and mind, but your spiritual wellbeing too.

And if you’re here because you’ve noticed spirituality changed your life too, feel free to share your experience by leaving a reply below 👇

Thanks and have an amazing day!