You are alive, but most of the time you don’t know you are alive.

Seriously, though. Meditate on this long enough and you’ll find that the only reason we do “exciting” things is to remember, to feel, to perceive the gift of life.

Which was always there in the first place. But our new awareness made us discover it again, get in touch with it again. And feel on top of the world.

To feel alive is to be aware

  • The act of breathing is a miracle, but you are not aware of it, so you do breathing meditation
  • Your body is an incredibly complex machine, but you are not aware of it, so you go for a run or hit the gym
  • You are beautiful and worthy of love, but you are not aware of it, so you want your partner to say I love you

And so on — the list of examples is endless. While lack of awareness per se isn’t always the reason behind lack of joy in life, it often plays a big role.

So whenever you don’t feel alive, ask what you have forgotten about yourself and about life itself, and see what you can do to go back to that awareness.

For some people it’s traveling around the world. For others, reading a book. Or meeting new people, extreme sports, music, art…

Here is a list of 55 things that can spark the fire of life, and yes, most of them are the “little things” — they are the ones that matter after all.

Things that make you feel alive

  • 1. Traveling. One planet doesn’t mean one world. There are other worlds, other cultures, other countries — 195 to be precise.
  • 2. Falling in love. Because out of all “natural highs”, it’s probably the best one… and I don’t mind the side effects.
  • 3. Facing your fears. Which is also one of the most liberating things. When you face your fears, you become bigger than them.
  • 4. Moving your body. Working out. Going for a run in the morning. Or even just going for a walk.
  • 5. Meditation. The act of pausing and looking inward is truly profound, and that’s why people have been meditating for millennia.
  • 6. Nature. It heals you and nourishes your soul. And doesn’t care who you are or how much money you have.
  • 7. Big events. Huge concerts, parties, celebrations — there’s nothing like it. Everyone’s there to have fun and feel the amazing vibes.
  • 8. Therapy. Learn who you are, how you function, how to use your mind and not let it use you.
  • 9. Dancing. Like nobody’s watching (or like the whole world’s watching, if you’re the charismatic extroverted type).
  • 10. Self-discovery. It’s a journey that never really ends. And the further you go, the more alive you’ll feel.
  • 11. Optimal health. Brain fog, poor digestion, lack of exercise, highly processed food — it’s pretty hard to feel alive that way.
  • 12. Journaling. It’s an excellent way to become more aware of whatever goes on in your inner world.
  • 13. Growth. Which is the common denominator of all forms of happiness. Keep growing, keep being happy.
  • 14. Good weather. Seasonal affective disorder (also known as “winter depression”) is real. Get high on that vitamin D!
  • 15. Minimalism. Because the true cost of your items isn’t their price tag but the freedom they eat up. Speaking of which…
  • 16. Throwing away clutter. You don’t need to be an actual minimalist but clutter is clutter, right?
  • 17. New friends. Who knows, they may end up being your best friends. Most importantly, they’ll have no preconceptions of you.
  • 18. Goals and dreams. The future is there for a reason — to make you feel as alive and as excited as possible!
  • 19. Stargazing. Because the stars and the planets and the universe are nothing short of a miracle.
  • 20. Essential oils. Some are invigorating. Think of peppermint, lemon, and ginger root. Aah.
  • 21. Human connection. To hell with technology and wifi connection. Give me authentic human connection instead.
  • 22. Independent thinking. Not the easiest thing to develop, but the freedom you get from it is priceless.
  • 23. The calendar. I mean, we’re all going to die. If we are acutely aware of it, it helps us live life to the fullest.
  • 24. Costume parties. Be someone else for a few hours. Experience the strange sense of freedom that comes with it.
  • 25. Silence. Shh. No noise, no distractions. Embrace silence, feel it, lose yourself in it. It’s beautiful.
  • 26. The old you. Think of the person you used to be a few years ago. Look at yourself today. Doesn’t it make you feel alive?
  • 27. Life’s challenges. The only way out is through. Life’s not meant to be easy. You are not meant to stay in your comfort zone.
  • 28. Professional massage. Get a really good one and float on air. And watch your stress levels get close to zero.
  • 29. Breaking a fast. Those first bites feel absolutely incredible. You know what I mean if you’ve done it yourself.
  • 30. Spirituality. It has changed my life in many ways, and yes, I do feel more alive thanks to it.
  • 31. Art. Because the real world is beautiful, but sometimes human imagination is even better.

More things that make you feel alive

  • 32. Totally random days. Wake up early, drive somewhere you’ve never been before, do something completely new and random.
  • 33. Approaching strangers. And having actual conversations with them. It can be terrifying. But also incredibly rewarding.
  • 34. Saying no. Disappoint those who don’t value your time by investing it in the things you want.
  • 35. Saying yes. Try new things, be spontaneous, say yes to the experience you’ve been thinking about for years.
  • 36. Hobbies. The act of playing is a very serious thing, whatever your “game” is. Keep playing, keep being a child.
  • 37. Smiling. When life gives you lemons… smile! Forget about lemonade, it’s bad for your teeth anyway.
  • 38. Social media detox. You deserve the totally liberating experience of not using social profiles for a while at least once.
  • 39. Bungee jumping. Obvious one but it had to be part of this list. Never done it myself but it’s on my bucket list.
  • 40. Fire. Watching a campfire, the fireplace, or even a candle at night… fire is the element that evokes that magical primordial feeling.
  • 41. Pets. Animals have a wonderful superpower — they never overthink anything. Learn from them, feel alive again.
  • 42. Being scared. Not my thing but some people seem to love the adrenaline rush.
  • 43. Brainstorming. Your mind really is vast. Spend ten minutes brainstorming a certain topic/idea, you’ll be impressed.
  • 44. Doing things backwards. Deliberately do things differently, increase awareness, feel alive.
  • 45. Losing something. It’s human nature. We often take things for granted… then lose them and realize how lucky we actually are.
  • 46. Curiosity. Keep being curious and I guarantee you’ll also feel more alive than the average person.
  • 47. High-energy songs. Because some songs do communicate the most powerful energy ever!
  • 48. Unexpected gifts. From friends. From that special person. From life itself.
  • 49. The impossible. Ever saw someone do something you previously thought was impossible? Pretty cool, right?
  • 50. Red. It’s the color of passion, desire, love, and explosive energy in general.
  • 51. Green. Not as powerful as red, but equally beautiful. Green is abundance, vitality, prosperity, health.
  • 52. Me-time. Self-care is not selfishness! Sometimes it’s all you need to heal and recharge.
  • 53. Perfect posture. Honestly. Try it if you’re skeptical. Go for a walk with your back perfectly aligned, it feels great.
  • 54. The mystery of life. Science tried to explain it. Religion tried to explain it. But it’s not meant to be understood, it’s meant to be felt.
  • 55. Good news. There is always good news around you and for you — your job is to notice them.

And to add one more: being sober. The older I get, the more I appreciate being totally in control of my own body and mind. It’s not boring, it’s being alive.

So… what makes YOU feel alive?

Is there a specific ritual, hobby, or activity (or perhaps a certain state of mind e.g. meditation) that you find yourself going back to because it makes you feel alive?

If the answer is yes, please leave a reply below and share your thoughts with us! 👇