Being a step parent is never an easy task, and at times it may feel a bit like an emotional roller coaster.

Parenting in general comes with many challenges, obstacles, and responsibilities, but being a step parent it’s even more challenging.

You may be unsure how to deal with boundaries, or worry about how your family may perceive you, or even feel a bit unappreciated.

Perhaps your responsibilities are even greater, your commitment even stronger… yet others may not always acknowledge it.

Every step parent knows that love and affection exist regardless of biological ties… yet it may not always be easy for others to understand.

Here are 22 quotes about the emotional ups and downs of being a step parent, the importance of being a step parent, and being unappreciated as a step parent.

Unappreciated step parents quotes

I never had that wicked stepmother or evil stepfather thing at all. I’m very close to both stepparents and I consider them to be my parents, too.

Mark Ronson

There is no such thing as a broken family. Family is family and is not determined by marriage certificates, divorce papers, and adoption documents. Families are made in the heart.

C. Joybell C.

Stepparents, those fairy tale villains, have been given a bad name. They’re easy targets. When the family goes awry, how easy to blame them. I was blessed by the right steps.

Eileen Granfors

A stepparent is so much more than just a parent: they made the choice to love when they didn’t have to.


Being a stepparent is like working at a late-night convenience store — all of the responsibility and none of the authority.

Valerie J. L. Coleman

A child cannot have too many people who love them and want to help them succeed.


Co-parenting is not a competition. It’s a collaboration of two homes working together with the best interest of the child at heart.

Anne Brown

Being a step parent quotes

The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other.

Richard Bach

You can love someone like your son, even if he’s not your biological son, and you can love someone like your father, even if he’s not your biological father.

Oliver Hudson

Stepparenting and being a stepsibling presents a lot of exciting opportunities. When families break up and re-form, there may be less order, less certainty, and a bit more trauma involved, but kids can end up having half-a-dozen parent figures.

Morris Gleitzman

My stepfather was an exemplary human being. It took me a lot of time to accept him as a parent. But what he did intelligently was he befriended me.

Dia Mirza

When someone takes you as their own when you’re not biologically their own, I think it’s really special.

Jonathan Van Ness

Unappreciated step parents quotes (YT comments)

The main thing I struggle with is having all of the responsibilities and none of the love. It’s like no one wants to acknowledge you but they are happy to use you when it suits them. As you can tell I do have some resentment and I feel bad all the time for feeling like this but it feels very one sided with me doing all the giving and them doing all the taking!

Anna Bocking

It’s been one year I’ve been married, I’m my husband’s second marriage, and being a stepmom to our daughter. I feel like I am just an extension to my husband’s previous marriage and family (…). It’s frustrating because I don’t know if I’m “crossing the line” when it comes to my daughter and my husband’s ex wife. It’s an odd feeling I don’t know how to express.

Vanessa Smith

There’s no shame in being second. As a “first wife”, I wish more stepmoms could internalize this message.

Elizabeth V

It’s weird how being a mom to your own kid is so naturally refreshing and adaptable but with a step child there’s so much more to deal with, like trying to figure out the boundaries a child puts against you, trying to bond with a child that you didn’t birth but you care about them like you did.

Athena PM

Becoming a mom was a lot like I expected (…). Becoming a stepmom wasn’t (and I had known these boys for years). It required a lot more adapting and was a lot more surprising in terms of my unexpected feelings and stressors.

Jeanne Guitton

Yes, there is no shame in being a second! I remember when my husband’s ex told me they are always first. I answered that I better like to be the last than to be the first. Surely it’s not so hard to deal with step kids, if the ex wife is a good person.

Neslie & Sebastian

Short unappreciated step parents quotes

Family isn’t defined only by last names or blood; it’s defined by commitment and love.

Dave Willis

My step dad may not have given me life, but he sure made my life better.

Gerardo Campbell

It is not flesh and blood, but heart which makes us fathers and sons.

Friedrich Schiller

Fatherhood requires love, not DNA.


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