Yes, coffee lowers your vibration. Coffee interferes with sleep quality and mood, and is likely to make you anxious.

Moreover, you tend to build a tolerance to coffee, which can translate to addiction and less willpower.

All these can lower your vibration — lower your energy, your vitality, your motivation.

The truth is that although coffee gives you an energy boost, it does so by masking fatigue.

Whereas things like a better diet and better sleep quality would increase your energy and focus naturally.

If you’ve adopted the “keep calm and drink coffee” way of life, know that there are better alternatives to perform at your best (or wake up in the morning).

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What does it mean to lower your vibration?

When people talk about lowering one’s vibration, they usually refer to spirituality — one’s spiritual vibration, or energy.

When you lower your vibration, you also lower your energy, your state of being. In turn, this affects your feelings, emotions, and outlook in life — your dimension.

Now, science does actually state that everything in our universe vibrates and resonates. Everything, including people and objects.

Our body vibrates at a certain frequency. Our thoughts vibrate at various frequencies. And so on.

But in order to understand the concept of lowering one’s vibration, don’t look at the material world — think of spirituality instead.

Or, think of vibrations as a metaphor for… who you are. Your mood, your attitude. The way you talk. The way you walk. What you like and dislike. What you attract and reject.

Energy therapies

There are various types of alternative therapies that can change your vibration. One of them is the use of flower essences.

The idea is that by taking one of the essences, the frequency (or vibrational state) of the flower, or combination of flowers, then flows through your body, and helps you heal mentally and/or physically.

For example, if you happen to be chronically indecisive, a certain flower essence (which contains a certain vibration) may help you become more spontaneous and take life less seriously.

If you suffer from anger issues or struggle to control some of your own negative feelings, a certain flower essence may help you become naturally calmer, and stop overreacting to everything.

Sounds ridiculous. But… it works. It really does (this has been my experience, and the experience of many people I know personally).

And I think it’s an excellent example of what vibrational energy is.

How coffee lowers your vibration

Energy therapies raise your energy by using things or techniques that raise your vibration significantly (be it flower essences, massages, crystals, reiki, etc).

But in a way, everything around you can raise or lower your vibration, even if slightly. Food itself can raise or lower your vibration.

The bad news: coffee almost always lowers your vibration. And I’ll explain the five reasons why below.

The good news: you don’t have to rely on coffee, and you can try coffee alternatives instead (and we’ll get to that in a minute).

1. Anxiety

Coffee makes you anxious. If you’re anxious in general, then you’ll definitely notice that. If not, you may still notice tiny changes in your behavior and/or thoughts.

If you’re familiar with the idea of “vibrations”, then chances are you are into spirituality. If you are into spirituality, chances are you are in touch with your own feelings and emotions, much more than the average person.

When you drink coffee, do you notice changes in the way you think? Do you think faster or slower? In a good or bad way? Do you tend to be irritable, nervous, or tense?

2. Tolerance

Like all stimulants, your body will build a tolerance to coffee, which means you’ll need to gradually increase the dose to feel the same effects. The same cannot be said for food or other ways to have more energy.

Nourishing food, exercise, meditation, setting goals — you’ll never build a tolerance to these. If you meditate every day for a month, you won’t have to then meditate twice as much to experience the same benefits.

Moreover, it’s easy to drink too much coffee. If you can have too much of something, easily, it usually indicates it does more harm than good. Think of alcohol, sugar, or fast food.

3. Willpower

The third reason coffee can lower your vibration is that eventually you’ll develop a psychological addiction to it. You’ll rely on coffee, you’ll be dependent on it to go through the day (or worse, to wake up).

This, in turn, could affect your willpower. The more you rely on external influences, including coffee or energy drinks, to get stuff done, the less willpower you’ll have, the smaller your discipline muscles will get.

4. Poor sleep

Here’s another way caffeine lowers your vibration: sleep quality! And I’m pretty sure you know the importance of sleep when it comes to physical, mental, and even spiritual health.

It’s been shown that coffee can worsen sleep quality and delay sleep significantly, even when taken six hours before bedtime. If you take your health seriously, you must take sleep seriously as well. Ditch the caffeine.

5. Dehydration

Lastly, coffee can dehydrate you. This may be counterintuitive just because coffee is a drink (I assume you wouldn’t take caffeine pills or anything like that).

Hydration is key when it comes to energy, vitality, and mental clarity. If you’re not properly hydrated, you are not going to perform at your best; your vibration is going to be lower.

But wait, what about the benefits?

You’ve probably heard at least a million times that coffee does have benefits as well. And it’s true.

The issue with that is…

  • The benefits may be exaggerated for the sole purpose of promoting a certain type of coffee, or caffeine supplement
  • It doesn’t really matter what the benefits are if the negatives outweigh the positive (if it does more harm than good)

Chocolate has benefits. Dairy has benefits. Alcohol probably has benefits as well, especially at a party.

I’m joking, but you get the point. The truth is that coffee, overall, tends to lower your vibration and your energy.

So my advice would be: don’t worry too much about the potential benefits.

Alternatives to coffee that don’t lower your vibration

Raw juice


And this time I’m not even joking. Most people are dehydrated and they don’t even know! And they wonder why they are so tired, why they get brain fog and can’t function.

Now, you may feel tired for a million different reasons. The point is, don’t even think of drinking coffee or any type of stimulants, and don’t even think of buying vitamins and all that unless you drink enough water first. Hydration is key.

Essential oils

Surprisingly, certain scents can help you feel more energized. Just like the smell of soothing oils can do wonders for your sleep — the smell of mint, rosemary, orange, or lemon (to mention a few) can be a coffee alternative.

Our body naturally reacts to certain smells, and if you use this to your advantage, it can help you kickstart the day. Without lowering your vibration or any of caffeine’s nasty side effects.

Raw juice

No, it won’t be the same as coffee. Yes, it’s a good thing. Virtually all raw juice variations and recipes will give you more energy in the morning; personally, I’m a big fan of ginger, pineapple, and greens.

You don’t need caffeine or any other stimulants to get an energy boost. Stick to what mother nature has to offer and you’ll get all the benefits and none of the side effects of caffeine.