Please note, this post does not contain pictures of spiders; if you find them scary or repulsing, feel free to scroll down because you won’t see any.

They are terrifying… yet fascinating. Ugly… and beautiful at the same time (have you seen the multicolored ones?). And they symbolize patience as well as sudden change.

There are thousands of species and they exist pretty much everywhere in the world. Unless you live in Antarctica, you’ve seen them plenty of times.

But if you’re reading this, you have probably noticed there are times in your life where spiders just seem to pop up out of nowhere, and no, not because you just moved to the countryside.

Is there a link between changes in our own psyche and what we see in the world around us? Can we ever “manifest” certain animals according to our mood/state?

Probably. Or perhaps it’s just a coincidence, and it’s all in our head. But if you think seeing spiders does have a special meaning, keep reading…

Spiders: symbolism

Fear seems to be the most common feeling triggered by and associated with spiders.

Arachnophobia is still one of the most common phobias of us humans, and even if you don’t suffer from it, chances are the sight of big spiders still makes you uncomfortable.

Though logically everyone realizes most spiders are harmless (and actually essential to the ecosystem), we unconsciously perceive them as a threat as a survival instinct.

This is why we see spiders in Halloween decorations, horror movies, etc. There is something about spiders that triggers fear and attracts attention, like the color red, or loud noises.

However, spiders don’t just symbolize fear. We see depictions and representations of them in many different cultures, and each highlights different traits of spiders.

Spiders can symbolize:

  • Growth
  • Power
  • Creativity
  • Resourcefulness
  • New beginnings
  • Patience/determination

Interestingly, in Indian philosophy the spider’s web is compared to Indra’s net — a metaphor that illustrates how everything in the universe is deeply interconnected and interdependent.

In the analogy, everything we see is represented as a jewel in each of the net’s intersections; and because the net is infinite, and because each jewel reflects each other, each will show the reflection of everything else if we look closely.

What do spiders mean to you?

To understand why you keep seeing spiders, right now or perhaps during certain phases or events in your life, you first have to ask what spiders mean to you.

Try not to overthink this; just picture a spider in your mind, or look at one, and see what they communicate to you. What are your first thoughts/feelings?

Also, see if spiders remind you of something else e.g. a person, your past, a place you’ve visited, a movie scene…

Your own immediate feelings, as well as the things you associate spiders with, may reveal the link between seeing spiders and changes in your mind/life.

Jung’s synchronicity of the golden scarab is a good example. For those who don’t know, Carl Jung once witnessed a “meaningful coincidence” during a session with one of his patients.

The patient was skeptical about psychotherapy and had already told Jung she wouldn’t expect any real changes; she had, in a way, lost hope. But then one night she had a vivid, mysterious dream in which she was given a golden scarab.

And as she was telling Jung about the dream, an insect hit the window and then flew in the room. Guess what it was? A golden scarab (rose chafer).

Which, traditionally, symbolizes rebirth; in this case it was the patient’s rebirth; her transformation. Both Jung and the patient were speechless.

Can you see a link between seeing spiders and your own psyche? If so, then spiders may be the projection of your current state of mind and/or dominant emotion.

Remember, you don’t have to look at spider’s symbolism in different cultures. What matters is your own subjective interpretation — what spiders mean and communicate to you.

I’ll tell my own experience as an example below.

I keep seeing spiders when…

…I am about to experience a new adventure that’s as scary as it is exciting, and that forces me to get out of my comfort zone.

I’ve seen the same pattern quite a few times now, and it seems that I tend to see spiders specifically the days before I am traveling or moving somewhere.

There is always a sense of excitement when you go on holiday and/or move as it means something in your life is changing — whether it’s an actual life-changing decision, or a break from routine.

And yes, I initially thought of a much more rational explanation — we tend to travel during the warmest months, and that’s when spiders come out more frequently, and that’s why we see them.

However, this won’t do in my case because I prefer to travel in the winter, and the spring/summer period is way too long anyway; if it was just the weather, I would see spiders five months a year.

Or maybe it’s all in my head. But I thought I’d share my experience because if the interpretation is correct it can help you understand what spiders mean to you and why sometimes you keep seeing them.

Wrap up

Whether you believe in spirit animals or not, most animals represent a certain set of qualities or attributes, which may be positive or negative, and spiders are no exception.

If you keep seeing spiders and interpret it as a sign, correspondence, or synchronicity, then ask what spiders mean to you and see if they tend to appear during or before certain events in your life.

Think of past experiences, too. If you notice a pattern, then it may be that the image of spiders has a precise meaning to you, or perhaps it’s the reflection of a certain emotional state.